Primark Haul - January 2015

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Spending ban, shmending shan. OK So I haven't officially said i'm doing one but after last weekends mass tidy up I can officially confirm in theory never need to buy any more clothes, bags, jewellery, makeup and notebooks for the rest of my life.

I know this won't be the case and on the same weekend I went to Primark. Being honest some of these have been returned but I loved everything I got so I wanted to share what I got but some things didn't fit and although i'm aiming to lose some weight realistically it wasn't work keeping them.

Scarf - £2 sale. I own lots of scarves and I really didn't need another one but for £2.00 I couldn't leave it behind.

Top (Returned) - Size 20, £8.00 New stock. I love this top but sadly it was too tight and too short on me. They had this in a few colours and I will be tempted to keep trying them on. It didn't really have much stretch in the fabric but it reminded me on Mrs BeBe's style which I love. I think it would be cute for work with Pencil skirts and at weekends with boyfriend years or 90s Mom jeans.

Dresses (Returned) - Both Size 20 £5.

I really love both of these dresses and I've seen someone wearing the blue one and it looked really expensive and I was so surprised when I found out it was from Primark. I couldn't decide between the two colours so I got both. Sadly I can't get in either of them. Well I can but it's not comfortable. The seems could split at any time if i breathe let alone move. If your a dress size or two smaller than me or a different shape I'd say go for these dresses.

Vest Top (Returned) - Size 20 £3. This fits fine but I found 3 other ones while tidying up plus I got annoyed by the exchange rate. This top only had the price in Euro's. It was 3.50 Euros which I guessed at £2.50 - £2.75 and it went through the till at £3 which I know isn't much but it annoyed me. 

Backpack  - £5.00 Sale. I have kept this. I've been looking at them since they got them in and couldn't justify buying one but for a fiver it had to be mine. It's quite roomy and has an inside zip pocket.

Jewellery -  £0.50 and 2 x £1.50
 I couldn't leave the bracelets for £0.50. Three for 50 Pence bargain.

I don't know how many times I've said it or how to truly explain how much I love the letter S. It's my first initial (doh) and I think it's the only part of my name that I really like. The necklace doesn't fasten round my neck but it will do soon. The earrings are really sweet and not too over the top.

I wouldn't normally share things I'd already returned but I know a lot of people like Primark and might want to see if they can get hold of these things.

Have you been to Primark recently? What did you buy? 

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