50 Books in 2015 - Books 6 - 11

Saturday, February 21, 2015

After a cracking start with books 1- 5 I seemed to slow down. But saying that I've read 11 books so far. 

I worked out I need to read about 4 books a month so I'm ahead of target. 

Book 6 The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald

For book 6 I decided to go for a thin book but The Great Gatsby took me an age to read. Longer than a 400 page book. 

I've wanted to read this ever since I saw the film but feel disappointed in it. Maybe the film spoilt me and I think it's a book I will read again as I feel like I skipped part and did end up watching the film half way through the book to figure out what was going on. Which is never good!

Book 6 The Great Gatsby
3 out of 5 

Book 7 The Understudy David Nicholls

Another disappointing book. I've read  couple of other books by this author and the first couple of chapters were ok even good but I feel like it never got going. I felt no connection, empathy or sympathy to any of the people in the book. I'm glad this wasn't the first of his books that I'd read or I doubt I'd have read any more. I didn't laugh out loud once. I might have chuckled a couple of times but it wasn't the best book.

Book 7 The Understudy

3 out of 5 
Book 8 Heaven Sent - Christina Jones

This wasn't anything special and it really irritated me with the amount of alliteration used. It was cheesy and almost childlike. I really don't find it charming or endearing in any way. The actual story was quite fun and if you exclude all the mentions of other people who live in the village (there are books about most of them) and the alliteration its readable. It's centred round Clemmy who loves making fireworks in her spare time and can't hold down a job. When she lands her dream job it leads to her spending time with someone she's found attractive for a long time and thinks is heaven sent. The best part -  The pet ferret which isn't a ferret but something similar and the architecture Steve.

It hasn't made me want to go out and read the other books my the same author.

Book 8 Heaven Sent
3 out of 5 

Book 9 The Princess Bride William Goldman

This book is without a doubt my all time favourite book, I can read it over and over again. I can also open it up at any chapter and just read that. It also has my all time favourite quote in any book or movie. It's strange, funny, has a little bit of everything and if you can get hold of it I'd urge you to read it.

Book 9 The Princess Bride 
1,700 out of 5

Book 10 In the Summer Time - Judy Astley

I didn't like this one very much. It was without sugaring the pill boring. The story never really got going it kept touch back on past history in the same town but never really getting any where. It could have had so much potential but I didn't get a connection with any character. The teenagers had strange names Bo and Silva I don't know if I was missing something be every time I had to read something about them I cringed. If you know me you will know I hate most names, my own included. But as with everything in life some are worse than other and in my opinion these are awful. This book is a follow up to a book set (possibly published) 20 years ago when the adults in this book were teenagers themselves. I haven't read that one and maybe if I had I'd have liked this one better but safe to say I didn't like it. The best part is a pink and purple crocodile. There is also a number of elements of body shaming and it felt unnecessary. 

Book 10 In the Summer Time 
2 out of 5 

Book 11 Nine Dragons - Michael Connelly

I go through phases where I read a few Michael Connelly books back to back and feel a bit over saturated and annoyed by his leading man Harry Bosch. The last few books have been very meh and I felt bored and annoyed. 

I've already finished one Michael Connelly book this year which I hadn't enjoyed so I was a bit dubious about reading another one so soon. 

I really enjoyed it and while some bits were predictable and the ending wasn't as well rounded as I'd expected. 

When a case involving the Hong Kong Mafia becomes personal, Harry has to travel half way across the world to get a resolution. 

I think this book was much better than some of his other books, I also liked that there was no romantic liaisons for  Mr Bosch. 

I would recommend reading this if you've enjoyed his other books. 

4 out of 5 

What books have you been reading this month?

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