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Friday, February 06, 2015

Just before Christmas I came across Bomb Cosmetics bath treats in a shop in my local town centre. I've seen similar before and I'm not sure if they are the same make and always kept away from them as my skin can react badly to bath bombs but I decided to grab some to give in a couple of secret santa gift exchanges I was taking part in. 

I couldn't resist keeping a couple back for myself. I've recently got back in to Lush products after years of bad reactions and now not having them. 

Other than the cuteness the price sold these to me. At around £2.20 each they seemed pretty good value and in a £5.00 secret santa limit meant that I could get this and something else rather than one thing from Lush. 

I'm so glad I kept some back as I love them and have bought another 16ish of them all for myself! The shop was closing down and everything was half price. 

Things you need to know about me which will cloud my judgement a bit is I hate things floating in the bath. I was that kid that had to have the paddling pool emptied if it got one blade of grass in it. 

I get freaked out if I feel a piece of my own hair on me in the bath so glitter, petals sparkles, secret bits of paper are a no no.

How ever I did get a few products like that and decided to suck it up and try them.  

Lemon Express Mallow

This smells amazing, zingy and fresh and made the bathroom smell amazing. As well as lemon it has lime and apple in according to the website.

I found it took a while to break up and I had to scoop it up and crumble it a few times.

The gold stars don't dissolve (I thought they might - wishful thinking) But they didn't bother me. I kept batting them off me but I couldn't feel them as such it was more when I saw them.

They also didn't stick to the sides of the bath and were easy to wash away.

I'm also not sure if the lemon slice dissolved either. I did feel it a couple of times in the water but it had gone when I drained the water away.

I'd give this a good 9/10 - Losing a mark for the floaty bits. I would buy this again.

Button Moon Bath Mallow

I think one is my favourite, it's a mix of berries and coconut. The mallow's and I think all the ones I've got in the cupcake shape are mallows are enriched with coco butter and leave my skin feeling really soft and nourished.  

The bath can get a little bit slippy but nothing too bad, it's worth mentioning just to be careful when getting up.

Again like the lemon one I had to crumble it, as you can see from the picture below it does melt most of it just the last little bit needed help.

I had a bit of a splurge. The stockist in my local town centre was only open for Christmas and they hd reduced everything to half price so I had a bit of a binge buy. I got 8 items for £8.60. I was expecting it to only be Christmas stock but it was on everything.

Lavender Bath Mallow

I don't know the proper name for this as I can't find anything on the website that matches it. My closest is the Lavanille. I'm wondering if this is the old version of it??

This isn't one of my favourites as it has bit of lavender that float and stick to you and even after showering (I always do to wash my hair) I kept finding bits of the buds stuck to me. 

However while I was soaking in it the bits didn't bother me too much. If you've read my empties post from a couple of months ago you know I used some epsom salts with lavender and I had a bit of a horrible time with the feeling of them. This was a breeze. I don't think I'd rebuy it again but If I got given one as a gift I'd use it. 

Blue and Pink Bath Creamer

This is another one I can't find on the website. I really liked this one. My skin felt lovely after the bath and I'd buy this one again. 

Blue and Yellow Mallow

I want to say this is Pina Colada flavour but I can't find it online any more. Dry and out of the bath it smells amazing, in the water I'm not sure I like it. This is a shame as I have two more of them.

The smell isn't unpleasent just not as lovely as the others, I wish I'd tried before I bought more but they will still get used up 

I have found that if you can snap the top off they melt much better but I can't always manage it. Thats not to say they take ages. But my hatred of bits makes me make sure they thoroughly broken up before I get in.

Another thing to mention is it does say on the website to make sure you rinse any embellishments left in the bath as soon as it drains  to avoid stains. I haven't been left with any bits as far as I can see but I always have a shower straight from the bath to wash my hair.

With all things like this the smell in and out the water can change. I'm impressed with the ones I've tried so far. Some  like more than others but If you can find a stockist I'd recommend going and smelling them all.

You can buy them on line but for me I like to smell and feel products. Now I've tried a few I will be making an order once I've run out (I should be good for quite a while yet!!)

Have you ever tried any of these products? What are your thoughts? 

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  1. I feel like I could explode over how cute these are and how edible they look! I desperately need to place an order ASAP :)

    Amanda |

  2. They are adorable, I'm so glad I managed to get myself loads half price.

    I feel justified in using them every bath cos they were so cheap but don't want to use them all up!


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