Book Review - The Princess Bride William Goldman

Thursday, February 12, 2015

"My Name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die"

1) About the book

Where to start with this, I love everything about this book. It's a bit difficult to explain the premise of the book and for some people it's style might be annoying. There is the use of parenthesis (which if you read my blog you will know I'm a fan of - See what I did there?)

It's starts by the author abridging a book his father read to him as a small child but the original book is fictional as the author who "wrote" the original and Goldman also using a mix of his real life (he mentions his writing and adapting the Butch Cassidy)  as well as creating a fictional wife who is at odds with. 

For me it's pure genius. The book begins with Goldman telling us how when he is taken ill as an adult while adapting the princess bride for the screen his wife reads him some of the play and it brings back memories of his father an immigrant from Florin (a fictional place where the princess bride is set) reads to him when he is ill with pneumonia as a child. 

His father has poor English but manages with fluidity to read him the story over a period of time while he is ill. 

Goldberg goes on to tell us that he never read the book again until he decided to buy a copy for his ten year old son who rejects it. He then decides it needs to be abridged with only the good bits. 

Right at this point I'm already sucked in to the fantasy that there is an original story. 

The book follows with Goldmans abridgement notes cutting in and explaining where he has cut the crap parts and a synopsis of what was going on. 

2) What did you like about the book?

Everything! No word of a lie. The copy I have is the 25th anniversary edition and it's so pretty to look at. Every page makes me happy.

There is something for everything. The comedy within the text and abridgement notes. The way things are explained and then almost contradicted.  

There parenthesis. For example Florin is described as sitting between Sweden and Germany (This was before Europe) then later on the other continents are mentions as well as the city of Paris also exists (as this was after Paris) 

Goldman does mention to skip these bits if they annoy you but for me they make the book. 

What I also love about the book is that it was made into one of the most amazing films ever. 

This is one of those rare occasions where I say watch the film first. It will give you a sense of the magic and it has a cracking cast. 

It might not look high tech or contemporary but it is completely amazing. 

3) What did you dislike about the book?

Honestly nothing. If I have to say something the ending. The film ends better than the book IMO. It's not terrible but it's my only criticism. 

4) Round up 
A tale as old as time, love between the milk maid and the farm boy quickly changes when he is captured by the dread pirate roberts who never leaves any survivors. The milk maid becomes the most beautiful woman is the world and becomes a princess in waiting until a kidnap plot by a rival land throws a spanner in the works and the dread pirate roberts become tangled up in the plot. 

Twists turns, pirates, love, adventure, war, a zoo of death, ROUS,  an albino and a miracle  man are just a few of the things you can expect to find in the book.

5) Marks out of 5

Have you read this book what did you think? 

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