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Friday, February 13, 2015

After my review post of the Collection Mascara I got in the Latest In Beauty Glamour box over Christmas I thought I'd try a few other products. It's been a long time since I've actively even looked at the collection stand.

I think I know why! Over last weekend in January I visited 4 Collection stands and discovered the reason I usually walk past them.

The ones I visited were state, messy dirty, poorly stocked. This isn't even in one store or town.

The first one I  visited  was a small Boots in Manchester. I love this little boots. The staff are ace. Always friendly and helpful. The stands itself was a small approx meter wide one. It was foundation covered and I walked away. They didn't seem to have any products that hasn't been opened or wasn't covered in foundation. I go in this store a few times a week and it's always the same. I think it's stained that way now.

Next up was a Superdrug store also in Manchester this was a large stand 2 -3 meters and they had a lot  products and I picked up a couple of items. After the Boots stand  it felt great but most items were covered in makeup or had been opened.

The third stand I visited was another Superdrug in Huddersfield. I feel like this was the best of the 4. It was still messy and didn't seem to have that many unopened products but a member of staff was filling it up and I did get a couple of things. There are a couple of other things I was going to get but they only had testers. One was a felt tip pen lipstick. I didn't like the colour when I tested it on my had it was very red, but as it dried it went a lovely plum colour which led me to visit my 4th counter.

The fourth and final counter was in Boots in my local town centre, this was a fairly decent size stand and on first glance wasn't that messy and I was feeling brave and took a couple of pictures.

It wasn't too messy but it was dirty and didn't have a full range of products. I wanted to get a foundation but they didn't have any in the right colour for me. I also opened the stock drawer and they didn't have any in there.

I have since revisited a couple of the stands and picked up the foundation I wanted and I got a Lengthening Black Brown mascara which I grabbed from a stand in Wilko's a couple of days ago. I've only used it once but I really like it. I have to say the Wilko's stand was lovely. It was tidy, clean and well stocked. It was also cheaper than all the other stands

I'm not usually a fussy person and I know people test makeup and it gets messy but looking at all the collection stands they seem to be the messiest in the shops. I didn't inspect every stand but my first impression put me off looking and I think it might bother other people.

Lip Butter - I got two of these, the first is shade 4 - Perfect Plum. I think I found my perfect plum colour. It had a really nice thick texture and goes on well. I haven't worn it for any length of time yet but first impressions I like it. The other one is shade 2- Cappuccino. I'm not usually a nude lip stick kind of girl but I loved the shade when I swatched it.  

Lasting Perfection Concealer - Warm Medium. I really struggle choosing a colour on this and I was worried it was too dark but it works really well for me. I think I would be tempted to try the cool medium next time but for now I like it. For the price it's a great product. It covers blemishes well and doesn't seem to be flakey after a few hours

Lasting Perfection Foundation - Honey. Foundation is another product I struggled to colour match. I'm sure my skin changes colour during the day. From the options they had I decided to try this one. I haven;t worn it yet as I'm trying to use up my current base (I've got about one application of that left) 

Fix Me Up Spray - I've never used a makeup fixer before, I've been curious for a while and this one won't break the bank if I hate it. I haven't tried this yet as I put my makeup on while i'm on the bus I haven't got the confidence to spritz away just yet.

I did notice superdrug has a promotion on when I popped in today and boots seem to always have a 3 for 2 deals on. I don't think I've seen anything over £4 which is great for pocket money purchases and grown up purses. There is also a Little Mix range which looks quite cool. There is a nude eye shaddow pallet that I quite fancy trying but I really shouldn't buy any more. 

From the items I've tried I'd say try and look past the mess on the stands and have a nosey at this range. It's brought back a few happy teenage memories when it was good old Collection 2000, clear mascara, lip glosses and always nail varnish. 

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  1. Like you I remember when they were called Collection 2000! In those days they were one of the few budget brands and the packaging was awful!! It does look better since they re-branded but I haven't tried anything from the range yet. I am tempted to try the make up fixer as this is something I don't own and for the price it might be worth a try x

  2. The packaging was awful and I remember the clear mascara used to discolour after about 3 uses! I've liked everything I've tried so far. It doesn't help that the stands are so messy and it really put me off picking things up but i'm glad i did x


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