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Sunday, February 08, 2015

Being awake at 9.30 am on a Sunday morning is unheard of for me. If I wake up before 11am it's rare.

Yet last Sunday not only was I awake, I was was battling life and limb wearing trainers to get my self to Leeds for Currys Introducing workshop. 

In fairness this patch of pavement was very slippy and I had to cross a cross road that has three bends on it and it was scary! 

Getting There 

If you've followed my other adventurers over to t'other side of the Pennines you will know how much I love the view from my local train station and snow covered in early(ish) morning light made it look extra pretty.

 I'm a stress head when it comes to train travel coupled with the fact there is only one train and hour stopping at this station I made sure I left early and over all it's pretty easy for me to get to Leeds. It's about 30 mins from mine to Huddersfield and 20 - 40 mins from Huddersfield to Leeds depending if it's the express or slow train.

It still had time for a train selfie (I think it's mandatory along with having a valid ticket for travel)

I had a couple of hours to kill, after fortifying myself with a coffee and some electricity (my phone not me I need to make that clear) in Costa I did what I do best and shop. I was quite restrained apart from breaking a New Years resolution and buying a note pad from Wilkos.

I even remembered to take an OOTD picture. I look so sad. I wasn't I was trying to be discreet as there was a group of teenage girls smoking E-Cigs and posing and I was trying not to draw attention to myself. I failed as my phone was on loud and as soon as I pressed the shutter button **CLICK** Mission FAIL!!!!


The event was held at Lambert's Yard in Leeds  which is a clothing store and event space. I was impressed with how light it was and how many people where there. I also knew or had met quite a few people before.

It was also great to meet new people. I met up with Charlotte from B&W Sheep outside after chatting to her on Twitter all morning.

We had a bit of time to mingle and chat while we waited for everyone to arrive. What I like about events run by Joe Blogs in there is a huge mix of people from all genre of blogs, but everyone is so lovely.

I took almost a 100 pictures on my phone and I haven't even looked on my camera. (My phone seems to be better quality)

Gemma from Joe Blogs then split us into 5 groups so aide us in moving round all the stations and getting and equal look in.

I know she was worried about how we were divided up but I didn't see or hear anyone moan or grumble about this. The division was done by who wanted to do easy yoga. (ME) then everyone was given a number 1-4. Think PE Lessons. I don't know if anyone moved groups but from what I observed it worked well for me.

I liked it being a fair split as I got to speak to people and find new bloggers who I might not have found otherwise and meet people I chat to fairly regularly.

We spent about 30 mins on each of the stations, the first one for us was:


We were treated to a juice made up of Apples, carrot, cucumber and ginger. 

Everything was put in the Phillips Juicer and ice added. It was really nice, but a bit thick for me. We were shown how to use the machines and had a play at making some to our own liking. Less cucumber more apple for me. 

Kellie was the first up and after a few combinations she raided the play station for some other fruits and as you can see by the next picture she nailed a fruity combination.

They recommend you have 80% vegetables to 20% fruit but to ease yourself in more fruit is a nicer combination

Next up was Sian who did use a more vegetables and we were all a bit cautious about her combinations.

As you can see for from all the pictures we all had a lot of fun and a few other juicing suggestions were made. Probably not worth mention on here as we're being healthy but tweet me if you want some suggestions. 

The results were very green, but this was a winning combination for me. From memory it has, Cucumber, Limes, Apple, ginger and maybe a bit of carrot, 


I've done Pilates in the past and really enjoyed it but there has always been a bit of a barrier between me and Yoga. I'm sure Wii Fit Yoga doesn't count!

I was so glad they give us the opportunity to do a more basic stretching yoga everyone else would be doing Rocket Yoga which isn't easy and looked pretty epic.

Photo from Joe Blogs

Can you spot me? I'm the inflexible one!

Play Station 

Next up we were given free reign with the juicers and left to create our own concoctions. 

It was good fun trying our own creating some where far more successful than others. I loved adding lime to them to make them a bit sour and spinach worked far better than I ever expected.


Our penultimate station was the food station, it was a chance to sit down and chat with the people in your group and have some soup. There were two flavours. Mushroom and truffle which was amazing. I'm glad we had this near the end as it was a bit of a break, a chance for  a rest and take stock. 

Nutrition Advice 

The last station for us was the Nutritional advice, how to make juices for certain things and things you can add in to get better / additional nutrition. 

These sadly weren't to my taste. I was interested in hearing about all the benefits and how different combinations can be beneficial but I just couldn't drink either of the juices. 

It looked so nice and I know a lot of the others liked it but the fresh turmeric was just too much for me. It has that perfume smell raw parsnips have and I don't think it's something I'd try again. 

Prizes and Goodie Bags

There were chance to win the blenders and sadly I didn't win one but secretly happy as I didn't fancy carting one home on the train!! 

We were kindly given a goodie bag with a water bottle a fruity bar which was delicious (But I did think it was a double decker on first site) in a canvas bag. 

We also had the obligatory group photo. You can actually see me in this one just about. Can you spot me? 

Currys also did a blog about the event you can read there post here. It was a lovely day, in a city I love with a group of great people.

Have you tried Juicing? What do you think? 

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  1. Looks like it was a great event!

  2. It was good fun and great to meet up with other bloggers x

  3. That sounds like a fun day - would love for there to be events like this near to me. And I just have to say - hasn't your hair grown! Looks great in the train selfie :-) x

  4. Looked like a fun day. :) When you wrote about that you didn't recognise that other blogger, I was thrown back to Plus North when I didn't recognise you at first. I was so ashamed and I felt so bad for it after. :( You looked so lovely and your beautiful face lit up my day then. I wasn't in a very good state of mind that day, but meeting you was really the loveliest from that day. I just wish we could have got more time to talk. :)

  5. It really was a great day out. Do you follow Joe Bloggs on Twitter? They have stuff going on all over the place they usually tweet stuff out and they have a network you can join with a news letter of events coming up. x

  6. Awww what a lovely comment, I'm very hormonal and it made me cry a bit!!! I'm so bad at putting names to faces so don't feel bad about not recognising me. There were so many people to meet and it was a bit of a strange at the venue with the lights not working and everything that was going on. I hope we can meet up again at some point this year and maybe get a chase to speak more xx


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