Learning to fold my clothes

Monday, February 23, 2015

One of my Facebook friends mentioned Marie Kondo and shared a picture of her own bedroom drawers.

Intrigued by the neatness I took to Pinterest where I was confronted by  image after image of neatly folded clothes stood on end rather than stacked one on top of the other. Socks folded rather than rolled into a ball and it struck a cord with me.

Marie has lots of ideas and I've not read much past how to fold but there is a lot of not hanging on to things. I got rid of so many things when I was having my wardrobes fitted and I have a suitcase full of things for the next clothes swap. I'm not ready to part with anything else just yet.

I am getting better at throwing things out. uncomfy knickers and Bra's, Leggins which are now too thin to wear with longish dresses. I'm managing to throw them out after wearing rather than washing them and then trying to remember to chuck them out. It's a step in the right direction.

I have three drawers in my room and I just stuff things in there and never look in them as they are so messy and disorganised as a rule. Every now and again I'll have a sort out and hang items up but then never look in the drawers again for months. 

 My folding skills leave a lot to be desired but I can more or less see everything. I have another drawer to sort and which has jumpers in. I'm hoping to rearrange my summer stuff to bring down more tshirts and box up my jumpers.

It makes a lot of sense having things stood up on end. I've even added one of those tshirt folding boards to my amazon basket! I've also looked on Youtube about making my own! I'm quite into this idea now.

Maybe I'll do a recap once i've got my folding technique mastered. I might even have a go at making a DIY folding contraption.

How organised are you?

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