Life's Big Canvas Haul 2015

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

As you all will know I'm a huge fan of Life's Big Canvas.  I first came across the shop and more importantly the creator Chloe via the Leeds Clothes swaps. She is one of the most amazing people I've come across on the internet and someone I'm proud to call a friend.

Her only downside? She sells the most amazing products which I can't resist buying. Is that a bad thing? No not really and she gives the most amazing hugs.

This post wasn't meant to be gushy or soppy it was just about a brooch but I might have accidentally bought a couple of other of her things.

I bought one Item from her via the t'interweb then when I went an Event in Leeds last weekend I found myself in Our Handmade Collective in The Grand Arcade (two mins walk from the original Primark) They are a stockist of Life's Big Canvas (this visit was no accident)

Chloe is also know as the paper folding Ninja and I have a tiny tiny origami frock stuck to my work PC that she made for me at Plus North last year. It makes me smile every day when I get into work.

One of my New Years resolution was not to buy any more pads. This was broken within five seconds of walking into the shop I knew Tom Kitten was coming home with me. Inside is approximately 40 sheets of plane white paper.

This has been reduced to £2, I think this will be by blog planning book one my current once is filled.

 Not only is Chloe a paper folding Ninja she also dabbles in fabric. How amazing is this hair clip. This is going to sound a little silly but I'm even considering changing my parting to wear this better. (Alternatively I might rip the clip off and glue it back in the opposite direction. Changing a hair parting is a little extreme? or is breaking it apart - I'm over thinking this)

Finally the item this post was going to be about. The brooch is from the Ian McGenn Jewellery collection. Ian is Chloe's Husband and uses his mouth to paint the most delicate flowers.

For more of his work you can visit the MFPA website. There are three designs in the collection and come in brooch and necklace form. I was torn between the poppy and the Peony.

I then saw The Smyth with the Peony one and it sold it for me. I love how delicate it looks.

Have you checked out Life's Big Canvas yet? 

I spotted something about Miffy Bunting on facebook earlier. I adore Miffy (even more than Hello Kitty but don't tell her I said that!) 

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  1. I have heard of them as Chloe is amazing. :) Now you reminded me so I will be heading over there now to get something beautiful!! :)

  2. You commented on my blog last week ( and I've just come to check your blog out to return the favour - only to find you know Chloe! It's a small world. I love love love the stuff Chloe makes and have previously purchased many Life's Big Canvas stuff! Yay! Nice to meet you Steph

  3. I love Chloe and I wish I could afford to buy one one everything she makes. I've spotted she's made some miffy bunting I want it so much xxx

  4. Small world! I love Chloe and all her stuff how odd that we came across each other another way x


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