OOTD - Patterned Leggins

Monday, February 09, 2015

I am fairly shy and retiring when it comes to leggins. I have lots of black pairs and a pair in Navy. Over the years I may also have owned brown ones (long story, don't ask. Yes they did make me feel like I was back in Brownies) 

Navy Top - Tesco Size 20 (Christmas present)
Leggins - Primark Size 20 £8

 I've been eyeing up these dog tooth check leggins since they got them in Primark a few weeks ago. (It might be longer)

I had an emergency sock buying trip to Primark in the middle of last week. I mean I could have done some washing but where's the fun in that.

These ended up at the till with me. I got them in a size 20 and there us plenty of room in them and they are a bit baggy behind the kneee, but the checks are still a bit distorted so I don't think i'd have sized down.
Jumper - New Look Size 24 £10 Sale bargain
Leggins as before
I've worn them three days on the trot and trying to work out if I can fit them into my regular work wardrobe?

I felt really sad to put them in the washing basket. I've seen some others that are Navy, black and grey self repeating diamond pattern if they've still got them in come payday I think I'll be treating myself to them as well.

Do you wear patterned leggins? Do you like mine? 

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  1. I'm still learning how to wear plain leggings! They look great on you though :-) x

  2. They look cool! I have a couple of pairs of patterned leggings but I've not been brave enough to wear them yet

  3. I love your leggings and I love patterned leggings. :) They are so fun and great to use on dress down Fridays at work. :) You look fab!! :)

  4. Thank you. I really love them. They've finally been washed so I know what I'll be wearing all next week!! :)

  5. Thank you. I wear plain leggins every day. It started off I were them instead of tights with boots for work, I still wear them but with shoes I'm sure they're against dress code but no one has stopped me and I feel more secure in them. I wear dresses for work and now i'm not worried if a sudden gust of wind blows my frock up. On the rare occasions I wear tights I'm a lot more concious!

  6. Get them worn, I was worried at first and had a couple of moments of self doubt but I think because these are a bit thicker than normal leggins I was able to tell myself they were only the same as skinny jeans xx

  7. Thank you. I'm loving them and they have finally been washed. I tempted to try them on a normal work day. Not sure if i'm brave enough


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