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Monday, February 16, 2015

In my real life I work on an office and along with that we have a dress code of business wear. I tend to go down a more smasual route and while I've never been pulled up on my clothes sometimes I think now I've got a more senior role I should dress a bit more professionally.

On my way into work this morning I had bus trauma's and ended up nipping into the loo's in the Arndale before heading in to work. I thought it was only right to take a selfie in the newly refurbished loo's.

This outfit is one of those that made me think I should dress more professionally. It's not the most chic of outfits.

Dress - Asda Size 24
Coat - Tesco Size 24
Leggins - Matlan Size 18
Bag - Nica via TK Maxx
Trainers - Adidas via TK Maxx
Scarf - Curious Alica (Local clothes shop) 

Admittedly this is just for walking to work but honestly it doesn't get much better once I get to work. Trainer socks and shiny shoes. 

Maybe I should hang up my "fashion blogger" hat on my way out the door? 

What do you think? 

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