Black and White - A Saturday a day in pictures

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Last weeks #BlogPhotoChat on twitter was all about Black and white photography. It;s something I used to be massively in to but now I rarely bother with. 

On Saturday we had a day out to Cheshire Oaks and I decided to take one photo and hour in B&W. 

The first few were one an hour but then on the way home I took a few and couldn't decide which I liked best so decided to share them all. 

I really enjoyed taking black and white pictures and might do one Saturday a month in B&W. 

All pictures taken using Samsung S5 phone using the grey scale option in the main camera app. 

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  1. I love black and white photography. It adds a certain something. xx

  2. It really does. I haven't done any in ages. Think I might make it a monthly thing x


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