Empties - March 2015

Friday, March 27, 2015

I was a little disappointed when I looked in my empties box this month as there doesn't seem to be a lot. 

Rationalising it as I've used up a lot of things over the past few months and I've been using more full sized products which are still going strong. 

Face Products

PS Love Your Skin Argan Facial Cleaning Wipes - These were also in lat months empties, they are £1 for 2 packs which you can't really argue with. I use them every few days just to wipe off my make up before washing my face. 

I'm not sure they are enough on there own to get rid of everything but I noticed another two packets have appeared in the bathroom so someone in my house much likes them. 

Clinique Rince-Off Foaming Cleamser Mousse - I go through phases of using this but I really do like it. I think it's quite expensive at about £17 a tube but I like how clean my face feels after I've used it and this tube lasted me (and my mum as she's just confessed she's been using it) Since last Mat which is pretty good really. 

A little goes a long way and I've used every last drop. Would I repurchase? I already have. 

Urban Ved Daily Purifying Facial Wash

A beauty box Item I put away for a rainy day and forgot about. I started using this in January when I went to Blackpool for the weekend. I really like it over that weekend and it went straight into the bathroom when we got home. I'd not heard if Urban Veda before but I would buy this again. The full size product is £8.99 and they do gift set with everything in range (I think it's everything) for £65 The only thing that really puts me off is postage is £5.00. This makes a £8.99 face wash £13.99.

On googling Holland and Barrett is a stockist but I can't get on their website to check.

Tresemme Renew Hair and Scalp Treatment

Another beauty box item and once I was really interested in trying. I'm not sure why as I love using hair masks but I felt like it was a bit faffy having a little tube and it reminded me of those hot oil treatments we all did in the 90s. They still sell them I spotted some in Boots last week.

After my disaster with the Vidal Sasson Hair dye my scalp was crying out for help, Rosie from A Rose Like This Tweeted me saying her mum used a tresemme scalp treatment and it reminded me I had these tucked away.

They eased my painful scalp and made my hair feel a lot better, I don't think I'd go out of my way to buy them again but they helped. If they sold this in a pot I'd buy it.

I'm thinking of saving the remaining tubes for when I go on holiday.

Toni & Guy Cleanse Dry Shampoo

After buying so many Toni & Guy sets in the Boots sales, I'm steadily working my way through the products and wonder why I don't mind more of the full size products. They are just not in my mind when I'm looking for things I guess.

I really liked this dry shampoo, It gave my hair more body without it feeling claggy or overly powdery.

I don't know if I'd buy it again mainly because of the cost. This can didn't last me any longer than any other dry shampoo of the same size. I liked it but wasn't impressed enough to rush out and buy it. BUT never say never.

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle

I was really impressed with this, it really came in to it's own after the vidal sasson disaster. It helped to detangle really tight knots and smells really nice. 

If anyone know where I can buy more? I've googled but can only find it on US sites. 

CoLab Dry Shampoo London

This isn't my favourite, I like how it works in my hair but I'm not thrilled with the smell. I know a lot of people who say this is their favourite scent but it's a bit much for me.

I prefer the orange one, I can't remember the name of it,

I wouldn't got out of my way to buy this one again but will use the other scents in the range.


Johnson's Cotton Buds 

I can't praise these enough, they are a holy grail product for me and I've wrote about them so many times I almost didn't include them. 

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