Front and Back Earrings From Miss Selfridge

Thursday, March 05, 2015

I promise you I'm not sponsored or endorsed by Miss Selfridge but with two posts on them in a week you might get the wrong idea!

I got my first pair of Front and Back earrings from Tesco before Christmas and while that first pair isn't right for me (They are ones with a large ball at the back and my ears are close to my head and it just doesn't work!)

I then spotted a pair on Instagram that was from Miss Selfridge and I got them but never got round to posting about them.

I'm been looking for other designs and other retailers but I kept ending back at where I started.

I saw a pair in Gun Metal and Hematite stones so I popped in to my closest store on Market Stretet in Manchester. The didn't have the pair I was after but I still came away with two pairs.

Star and Moon

On the website I felt these were a bit 90s remember Sun and Moon perfume but in real life I really liked them.

I wore them to work and kept them in all day. They aren't overly big and felt comfortable. I have two negatives about these and one is probably user error. The back piece has a choice of 4 holes to slot on the post of the front piece and I've struggled to connect the two. The other negative point is the butterfly is very weak and doesn't grip fully so I had to use the little plastic stopper as well. It's not a big deal I just wish it felt more secure when I put them in.

I was looking for a simple design and I while this has a bit of bling they are small and quite delicate.

Leaf design Front and Back Earring

I'm drawn towards leaf design and I really liked these in the shop but now i've got them home I'm not as sure. 

I love the look but I think they are a bit too big for my ears. The top also wings out slightly rather than hugging the shape of my ear. 

I have only tried them on and not worn them out so this might be a bit harsh. 

Other than them being a bit big I don't like how the back and front connect. The butterfly is attached to the back piece and as the bar is quite heavy is almost acts as a counter weight. The plastic stopped is needed to have any chance to keeping them on. 

I think they are really pretty and I think with my hair down or half up they will work really well so you can see a bit of bling but are not knocked out by it! 

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