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Saturday, March 07, 2015

I've been really struggling to read this past week. I finished a really good book last weekend and since then I've been finding it hard to get into the next book I chose.

This week has been World Book day which made me feel a little bit bad about not reading any books.

When I was at school I don't remember having World Book day. One year when I was in Year 5 we had a book event day and my whole class had to dress up as pirates as the class book we were reading was about pirates. I have no idea what this book was. Cue a lot of 9 and 10 year old children in jeans and stripy tops. I remember one girl had an eye patch made from a shoulder pad and she was a bit gutted we all knew that it was a shoulder pad.

My Primary school was very book / reading orientated and one of the memories that sticks in my head is Postman Pat's Van came to the school and John Cunliffe the author came to our school. I have his autograph in a book of his poems. The book is called Standing on a Strawberry and it is filled with fun poems.

In Year 7 I did a read-a-thon getting through all the Famous 5 books. I'm sure all of these things will have been something to do with World Book Day but I didn't pay attention or it wasn't explained.

There are a few books that stand out for and they are books I studied in High School, I'm not sure if all school did this but the class book would be read out by people on class. I always found it really hard to follow along and always wanted to borrow the books to read again. In most cases they wouldn't let you as they needed the books for other classes and two of these three books I have no idea what happened or the story but they have stuck with me and I would read them again. It would be nice to find out what happened.

Journey to Jo'burg Beverly Naidoo

 I think this was our class book in Year 7, it's about 2 childrens journey from where they live across South Africa to find their mother working in Jo'burg because their brother is ill. It addresses issues of apartheid and it's grim reality. It sticks with me as the author was coming into school to talk to us but it was snowing really hard and I couldn't get into school. I really regret not being able to meet her.

Talking In Whispers -  James Watson 

Another book I remember nothing about but it provided hours of entertainment for my GCSE Class. One boy would only read out loud if he could put on a silly voice much to our amusement. Our main class teacher was on maternity leave and our substitute teacher hated our class, she insisted on being called Ms. (Mzzzzzzzzzzzzz) I know it's set in Chile and is about the Junta's oppression and follows the journey of Andre to get a message to the rest of the world (maybe??? I still passed my GCSE not sure how!)  My main memory is we were put in groups of 4 and told to come up with a scene based on something that happened in the book that wasn't written or what happens next. My group decided to call our dictator Captian(capi-tan)  Birdseye (mature right) we got as far as "Good Evening Captain Birdseyyyyyy" Before the teacher screamed
"OUT"  Don't try that at home Kiddos. It still makes me chuckle. We actually had worked really hard on the script and but it was badly thought out with the name choice.

Goodnight Mister Tom Michelle Magorian

This books sticks on my memory as I was allowed to borrow this to take to read on holiday. I'm not sure if I was finishing a week early for summer break and we hadn't finished it or if I'd be starting the next year a bit later and it was the book we'd be reading first in the next year  but I remember my English Teacher letting me borrow it, I had to promise not to lose it, break it, leave it on holiday! We'd gone to Florida and we had a week in Orlando then 2 weeks in Bradenton. I read it twice, my mum read it and my gran read it. We were all in flood of tears. I feel like I got so much more from it reading it alone.

I understand why schools or at least my school spent half of each English Lit class reading the book as some people wouldn't pick up the book but while these books stick in my memory I think if I'd been allowed to read them alone I might remember them!

Read, Engage, Play and support. I feel that I was lucky as I loved reading. I'd happily read all the books on a reading list and when my friends did English Lit at A Level I used to read the same books as them. I remember my friend having to read a book for class and she couldn't be bothered so she made me get the video and watch it at her house, the film was pants so while she watched it I sat and read her copy of the book.

Writing this makes me with I'd taken English Lit at A Level. (I didn't pass my English Language GCSE so wouldn't have been allowed)

Despite not reading much since last weekend, this post has excited me to read some old books.

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