#HeresWhatIWouldHaveSpent - ASOS Main Range

Monday, March 23, 2015

Debz suggested another #HeresWhatIWouldHaveSpent challenge featuring ASOS' main range. I'm a big fan of ASOS. I like it because it stocks brands I like as well as a lot of their own range is my style. Sizing is still a bit iffy but over all I know what size to order in the styles I like. 

They've also been really great customer service-wise, when a dress I ordered for a wedding in November arrived with a food stain and I didn't have the money or time to order anything else they refunded me the money before I sent the dress back and I was able to buy something from a shop. 

Over all internet shopping is my least favourite form of shopping, I'm a very tactile person and like to feel fabrics and I like instant access to goods. 

Internet shopping can be a minefield, so many choices. I use ASOS quite a bit as I like the layout. when I do internet shop my default search is:

Dresses, Size 20-24, Under £30, Lowest to highest prices, Sale. 

If you search dresses on ASOS you get:  10,871 styles found WoW where do I start with over TEN THOUSAND options!!! 

I started off with just selecting ASOS branded items, I was surprised just how many brands are in the list. I normally select my size range first which greys out the majority of brands and I guess I just don't look at the list as I want to know about everything in my size range. 

If money were no object

Initially I didn't look at the prices of items and just started opening new tabs, but when I came to list the Items I thought actually even if they had this in my size I probably wouldn't buy the following items but I love them and just maybe #HeresWhatIWouldHaveSpent - If they were in the sale and I had a discount code. (Think I just used my get out of jail free card with that one)

ASOS WHITE Crayon Stripe Sleeveless Shirt Dress £65.00 Up to size 16
ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Pinafore Dress In Rose Tapestry Print £40 Sizes 4 - 18
ASOS Holographic Sequin Strip Dress £85 Sizes 4 - 18

Of the three I like the tapestry print dress, it embraces my inner 90s teenager, but the striped dress has pockets.

Using my normal search criteria (Up to £30)

For my next search I changed the maximum price to £30. I like sales bargains and because of how much I buy I really justify spending a lot. Plus I don't really go anywhere to justify a fancy frock. 

I've gone for things that one I wouldn't normally buy and two I haven't seen in the curve range. (I didn't have a good look so please send me links if you find one similar) 

ASOS Dipped Hem Swing Dress in Acid Wash with Embroidered Strappy Back £25 Sizes 4 - 18
ASOS One Shoulder Metallic Prom Dress £26 Sizes 4 - 18
ASOS Reclaimed Vintage A-Line Denim Pinafore Dress £16 Sizes 6 - 14

I think the dipped hem dress would be great for holidays. I'd need to wear something under but it shouts holidays to me!

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  1. Sim @ Sim's Life23 March 2015 at 13:54

    Ohhh some lovely choices! Love the holographic, sequin skip dress!x

  2. Michaela Gingell23 March 2015 at 14:45

    Ohh I like your selection :) especially that holographic dress xx

  3. It's fab isn't it!! I've realised i've missed out the most important items Dinosaur print dresses with pocket!!!

  4. I love it. No idea where i'd wear it. It might be a bit much for work! ;)


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