Maybelline Brow Drama and Great Last Mascara

Friday, March 20, 2015

A casual browse in Superdrug usually ends up in my buying things I don't need but I managed to get two things I "needed" (I could have survived without them)

I was looking for another Age Rewind concealer but came away with Maybelline Brow Drama and Great Last Mascara.

Maybelline Brow Drama 

I've been using the Maybelline Brow Drama in Dark Brown for quite a while now and really like it but think it's a bit dark for everyday use. It's almost all used up so decided to get the medium brown one next. I've only had a quick test of it but I think it will be much better colour for day to day use.

 Maybelline Great Last Mascara

I've tried so many different mascaras over the years and I know I prefer a traditional fibre wand. I've not used Great Lash mascara for a few years and as Maybelline was on buy one get one half price I decided to try one.

I always for for Blackest Black when I buy this mascara, I'm not sure why but I always have. I also went for the BIG version. I've not seen this one before (I haven't been looking)

 First impression I like it. The wand is quite short and I made a bit of a mess but practice makes perfect and all that Jazz. The picture above is one coat. The picture below is without any mascara at all.

I don't really see a great difference but I think it will be good for day time wear, I've likes pretty much everything I've used form Maybelline recently so I'm looking forward to trying this out properly.

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