#OMCZ Number One 2015 - Pattered Legs

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Welcome back to Outside My Comfort Zone we're back and I'm really looking forward to getting back into this.

I'll be posting my posts on the last Thursday of each month.

Theme: Patterned Legs

I've recently bought my first pair of patterned leggins and had a few comments about being brave to wear them. It got me thinking about this challenge. For this challenge I'd like us to cover out legs in patterns. 

This could be tights, leggins, trousers, skirts, dresses, marker pens, Anything you like as long as your legs are in some way covered in a pattern. 

Show people patterns look great on the bottom half of our bodies. 

I'm fairly confident in my fashion choices, but that's because I stick to what I know and what I'm comfortable with. Leggins rather than tights because they stay up and you don't have to worry if a gust of wind  blows your frock up!

If I wear trousers I feel self concious. Is my belly poking out? Do I have a camel toe? Are my knickers showing over the top of the waist band?

I know my bum is big but does it look BIGGER? 

As I put in the prompt above I had a few comments about being brave to wear patterned leggins. This might have been code for they look shit but I liked them and felt good wearing them.

A few people said they'd only just got up the confidence to plain black leggins and someone I was speaking to who had lost some weight and finally plucked up the courage to wear a dress. They are my staples and find it hard to comprehend how people don't feel happy wearing them. I do understand  as it's how I feel about trousers. 

I want to say we can all wear what we want, when we want and clothes should be about making us feel happy and confident. We shouldn't have to worry about someone making a mean comment or paying us a backhanded compliment.

Is it flattering? Well maybe not but if you like it does it matter? Does it make your bum look big? Well if you have a big bum it may well do! Does it matter? Is having a big bum the worst thing in the world? Nope there are a few more things that are a teeny tiny bit worse (War, murder, cruelty to name a few) 

I'm rambling now as I haven't taken any photo's for this post. I set the theme. We've had a full month and I'm sat here at 11pm the night before we go live rambling. 

Let me tell you about my outfit, after the success of my first pair of patterned leggins I was on the look out for more and Primark came up trumps with a pair in the sale for £5. They are a black background with a navy and grey diamond pattern. I've been looking at them for a while my confidence has grown enough to try them. 

I'll be wearing them for work tomorrow (Today) So I will come back and add in my picture tonight!

***EDIT*** I forgot to wear my patterned leggins today, my only excuse is I woke up at 6.45am I leave for work at 6.50am and I threw on the first clothes I found.

I didn't want to leave you photo-less for too long so here are what they look like.

 I love the pattern, they have a slight texture to them as well which makes them a bit thicker than plain black leggins.

I also noticed they were £3.00 not £5.00 as I'd originally thought, for to love a bargain!

Show me your favourite patterned leg wear 

I finally wore my leggins, they did feel a little big so If I got more i'd size down to the 18's but for £3.00 I'm not complaining. 

I wore them with a black three quarter length sleeve top from Tesco which has a dipped hem and covers my bum I also wore my grey coat which is also from Tesco. 

I felt happy with this outfit, I before I left the house I felt a bit concious of my legs but after 5 mins of being in the real world I didn't think about it. 

No one made any comment either way and they were comfy and cosy. I wore this outfit to work and then I went to the theatre with my mum. I felt casual enough for dress down friday but smart enough that I didn't look out of place at the theatre. 

I wore them with some of my mums boot's I think next time I wear these leggins it will be with my grey trainer / boots from Clarks. 

Don't forget to check out all the others taking part in out little challenge : 

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  1. It has taken me three years to pluck up the courage to wear patterned leggings. I finally bought a pair of Harry Potter leggings and I've worn them twice. After reading this post I feel a bit more comfortable in going out in them! Hope you have lots more happy days in your patterned leggings!

  2. Your comment really made me smile, thank you xx

    I bet you rock the HP leggins. Tag me in a picture of them next time you wear them I want to see!! xx


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