The Coronation Street Tour

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

For one of my mums Mothers day presents I bought tickets to the Coronation Street Tour. We don't really watch it any more but we used to and it's local. 

It was really good, you can't take pictures inside but once you're out on The Street you can take as many as you like.

The tour last around an hour for the inside and you start in the green room, take a tour by past the dressing rooms, into costume. As well as a few other things which I don't want to spoil in case you are going. 

It was a really lovely day out. My mum loved it and I've noticed Corrie has been on our tv a couple of times since we visited. 

Our guide Martin was really friendly and knowledgeable. He was really good at making sure a lady in a wheelchair was always first through the sets and rallied us all round to make sure the short ones (Children) were near the front so everyone got to see. 

My mum is even looking to take her mum once the weather gets a bit warmer as it was pretty chilly on the day we went. 

The tours are staggered every 10 mins and once you're out on the cobbles you seemed to be able to spend as much time as you like. 

I'll leave you with a small selection of the pictures I took! (I know there are loads but you should see how many I took) 

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  1. Great photos Steph. I don't watch Corrie any more but I did growing up and have fond memories of it nevertheless. xx

  2. It has childhood memories for me as well. I still talk about going to the old granada studios tour and meeting percy sugden, we were so disappointed we were hoping for des barnes! x


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