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Monday, March 30, 2015

One of my close friends told me about Wingz at some point last she and she raved about them. She likes her arms to be covered but gets very warm and didn't like to layer a long sleeve top under her dresses. For her it was an amazing concept and she has a couple of different pairs.

recently Wingz offered to send me a set to send me a pair to try for myself and I've worn them twice and both times they worked really well.

I haven't had anyone coming up to me saying why are you just wearing sleeves!!

Let me explain if you haven't heard of Wingz  before they are essentially a sleeve without a top. There is a wide range of sleeve from a simple full sleeve to a number of chiffon sleeves.

I've been loving wearing an elbow length at the moment, I choose the Black Half Length Fitted Stretch Wingz™ is a size 3 (UK 24-28) I think I could have sized down one.

You put it on like a normal top, there is a elasticated that sits under your bust but with no extra fabric adding bulk. 

The first time I tried it on, it was fine I just but it on but the second time I put it on I couldn't seem to get it down at the back. I have dodgy wrists that don't like to bend at the most inconvenient times. 

I simply stepped into is a pulled it up.  

The firs time I wore it was with a B&W sundress from Yours Clothing, the dress has a cross over and it's the fabric over the shoulder is quite narrow. It worked well but I think the band at the back was slightly showing through the cross over at the back.

I wore it all day at work and it felt comfortable, I did feel like I needed to pull it back into place a couple of times but I think this was because I'd got two big as size and because I was concious is was showing at the back.

Their next outing was last Sunday when we went for a family meal to celebrate my grandma's 90th Birthday. I was impressed that I didn't over heat despite being in a warm restaurant having a full Sunday lunch. I also like that the sleeve / shoulder is wide enough so it doesn't poke out the side of my dress.

I chose to wear a different style of dress this time with a full back, which I think worked better. I feel like I did less wriggling and rearranging this time and that they didn't look out of place with this red, black and white dress from New Look. 

I would have preferred the sleeve to be about an inch shorter and slightly tighter but again I think I should have ordered a smaller size.

I have no problem in showing my arms but while it's still quite cold outside and in my air conditioned office I think these will come into their own.

I'm going to wear them again this week with a plain back dress and see how well they blend for a seamless sleeve.

The Black Half Length Fitted Stretch Wingz™ was sent to me free of charge, as always all the opinions are my own.

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  1. Oh my God this is ingenious!!! I don't wear sleeveless tops, EVER, so this would be such a great alternative to having to find a bloody black cardigan to wear over everything. Brilliant idea!!

  2. It's so simple but works really well. When my friend first told me about them, I said just wear a long sleeve top but now i've tried them I can see how much easier they arex


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