#OMCZ Number Two - Shopping Trip

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Welcome to the Second #OMCZ of the year. I feel so happy that the challenge has been so well received by everyone. 

Theme: Shopping Trip
The next theme has more of an open feeling to it. No specific items or patterns to showcase. Just show us what you'd wear to go shopping.
This is inspired by the Shopping Trip to Birmingham organised by Nikki . Knowing what to wear on a shopping trip in the colder months can be a challenge. You want to be warm enough when you're outside but as soon as you go inside it's too hot.
What do you wear? Maybe it's your PJ's for a midnight dash to the supermarket or maybe it's full on glam? or somewhere in between.

I think this theme will be a good one as shopping for a lot of people can be a chore and stressful. For other people it's fun and they love it. 

One thing I want to get across with this challenge is you can wear what ever you want, You don't have to wear something because someone tells you to, you don't have to look the same as everyone else nor do you have to try and look different from anyone else. 

Guess what I forgot to get someone to take a full out fit picture of me when I met up with the other Plus Size bloggers that inspired this months theme. 

Dress - Forever 21+ 3XL
Leggins - Rogers and Rogers at Matalan Size 22 
Trainers -  Clarks
Coat - Tesco True Size 22
Necklace - Primark
Hair style - The 90s

I was a bit too warm when we were inside but it was frosty when I left home at 7am so the coat was needed. 

I'm not sure if the picture above is a great illustration as we all had our coats on. This is what we wear to go shopping. What ever we want!


Plus Size Dresses at House of Fraser

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I was recently contacted by House of Fraser to ask if I would like to try a dress from one of their ranges.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how many Plus Size options they stock and have a good selection up to a size 30.

The dress I chose was the Scarlett & Jo Plus Size Floral Fit & Flare Dress Now £25.00 Was £40.00. I'd previously tried this dress on when I went on the shopping trip to Birmingham last month and regretted not buying it.

The fabric is a decent weight jersey but it isn't overly thick and perfect for this time of year when the weather can't make it's mind up. 

I work in an air-conditioned office and always need sleeves for when they switch the wind machines on. 

The only thing I don't love is the keyhole design on the neck. I feel like it could be a bit smaller. When I look down I can see my bra and it made me a bit concious when I was at work. 

I was assured it was only because I was looking down, just worth mentioning. I don't feel like I need to wear a cami top under it but for me I'd prefer it to be a little bit smaller. 

I was also a little wary of the shoulder pads but I really like the shape they give to the dress and don't think they added any more bulk that I already have on my shoulders. I don't think they'd be too difficult to remove if you didn't like them. 

This was an accidental shot. I stick my camera on self timer and run to the place I want to stand and it fires off 10 shots then I pic about 3 or 4 pictures to use in my blog. 

I think i demonstrates the shape of the dress really well. It was a fairly windy day and the fabric felt heavy enough that it wouldn't blow up round my ears. 

I love the colour, fabric (It won't need ironing) the print and the length. I'm 5'5 and it sits just on my knee which for work is perfect.

The dress was sent to me for review purposes but all opinions are my own.


#HeresWhatIWouldHaveSpent - Topshop

Monday, April 27, 2015

I really love that the #HeresWhatIWouldHaveSpent challenges are becoming much more regular.
Topshop is a shop of my youth, but even then it was only shoes, bags and accessories. I’ve frequently seen things online that come from Topshop and thought if only that was in my size.
I know technically one of my items is a free-size item and it’s included because as much as I love it I would only buy it if it was cheaper. I think it’s too dear for what it is. So it’s a technically here’s what I would have come in to your store and bought if you were cheaper! (We all know I’m a bargain hunter)

1. Split Back Duster Coat £79.00 Size 4 -16

I have got a real thing for duster coats at the moment and I have been looking online for them for a couple of weeks. I don’t really research online. I research in shops and go to the internet when I’ve exhausted all other avenues. This time I started on the internet but couldn’t find anything I liked as much as this one. Then without even trying I found one in ASDA Living. It’s a bit more Mac like and a little bit small but it was £15 in the sale.

2. MATERNITY Crepe Seam Shift Dress Was £48.00 Now £25.00 Size 8 -16

One thing I didn’t know what that topshop still stocked maternity wear. I just searched dresses and this one caught my eye. When I put this together I was looking at things to wear for my grandad’s funeral which is why I think I went for the black dress. I think I;s a really nice shape and a good price.

3. MOTO Blue Ripped Hayden Jeans £42.00 Size 24in – 34in

My quest for jeans is never ending. There are so many styles of jeans and for the last 3 or 4 years I’ve stuck to skinny jeans, with the odd pair of boyfriend jean thrown in to the mix. I’m getting a bit bored of the jeans I own. I want to mix it up a bit and I want to try some ripped jeans. I like the look of the relaxed fit and I don’t think I’d wear them turned up, they are along the lines of what I want.

4. Donut Backpack by Skinnydip £30.00

This is my cheat item. I know when I went into Topshop yesterday I could have bought this if it had been available. I could have handed over £30 but I really don’t want to spend money in a store where I can’t buy the core of their products. I will make exceptions for bargain sale shoes, accessories and makeup item. I think this is expensive but too fabulous not to mention.

5. Ribbed Cropped Cami £6.00 Size 4 -16

I hold my hands up the crop top trend has finally reached me and while my confidence levels and the hatred of having a cold belly hasn’t reached a level where I would wear a crop top as part of an outfit (sunbathing in the garden in one is about where I’m at) for £6 I think I’d brave this. I could make this work.

6. MOTO Blue Mom Jeans £40.00 Size 24in – 34in

Similar to number 3 Mom Jeans have been the top of my wish list for months. I feel like they would work well for my shape and the other clothes that I own but I can’t find any Plus Size versions that I like enough to buy.

I can’t wait to see what everyone else has chosen. Be sure to go and check them out and leave me a comment to let me know what you think of my choices. 

Monthly Favourites

April 2015 Favourites

Sunday, April 26, 2015

How is the end of another month, my posting scheduled has been a bit all over the place but I'm hoping to get back in to a routine and have time to blog.

What have been my favourites this month?


Lip Liners fro Essence - I watched a YouTube video by Simone who was showing her love of MAC Lipliners. My budget isn't willing to stretch to something I probably won't use. I stopped my the Essence counter and came away with 6 lip liners. They are really smooth and creamy and I think as my first real delve into lip liners they are great.

Wearing makeup and switching out my products more regularly. YouTube is a dangerous place but it gives me so much inspiration for my blog.

I've got a bunch of ideas and hopefully by the time this post goes live or very shortly after some new regular posts are going to be added.

Re-Hauls - This is where you look back at a previous haul and talk about the items again. The first one is scheduled for the first Friday in May.

Another Idea I've had is changing your make up weekly. I had planned to change my make up bag round monthly and do a what's in my make up bag but I like the idea of switching things out every week. I own so many products that I don't really use. I think What I'm going to do is each Friday fill a beauty box with products from my collection before emptying my make up bag. Then if I have things I want to use again for a second week I can do. What I will do is post a weekly update and add it a couple of face of the days from each week. I guess we can only see how it goes. I'm not sure if I can maintain a weekly post but it's going to be far too much to put in one montly post. Let me know what you think

ASOS no snag / plastic bobbles so much better than ones i've had before.

Latest In Beauty Glamour Beauty Box - These are my favourite and with the exception of the lip gloss I will use everything. In fact I have been using things.

JoBaz Caffeine shampoo and conditioner - Apple scented and is meant to be good for growth. I haven't tried the Argan Oil ones yet. I've used it a couple of times and like how it makes my hair feel, my mind is open on if it actually helps growth but as a shampoo / conditioner I like it. Thank you to the person who told me about them.

Lee Stafford Detangling spray. Now my hair is getting longer it's getting knottier and this is a life saver. I love the smell of Lee Stafford products, this works instantly for me.


Simone Scribes. She's back and I could watch her video's 247. I feel like a stalker but my heart warms when I see a new video in my subs box. 

Maggie May - I cam across her via Em's Channel and I adore her. I feel like we could be friends in real life. 
Kristin Gehm Vlog and beauty channel, She also seems like someone I'd get on with but she needs to keep the stripes and she rocks them!

VLOGS in general. As much as I love sit down, well lit video's watching people in their everyday lives or no so everyday lives (Joe Sugg I'm looking at you)


I haven't really done any book posts this month but I have read a really good book this month. What Would Mary Berry Do? Funny from the first page. I'm looking for a new template or better way of doing my book reviews so if you have any tips or templates let me know.


Hotel Chocolate Scrabbled Egg Easter Egg. This wasn't even mine, my mum won it in a Facebook Cometition. She shared and it was delicious!

Malteaster Bunny - This isn't for the taste of it but represents how lovely my team at work are. I was off work on the Thursday before Easter and our manager had brought some chocolates in for everyone to share and they'd put in a bunny and a Cadbury's mousse egg in my drawer so I didn't miss out.


Asda Leggins with pockets £8. They are more like trousers than leggins and are really comfy. I planned a whole post on these but wasn't happy with my pictures. This is one of them.

I've worn them to work and at weekends and found them to be great.


Spring, the clock change, lighter night.

Colouring in. I've been stressed, it's been a hard month already (Writing this bit on 9th April) This has really helped take my mind off things for ten minutes at a time.

It's been a bit of a crap month in my personal life but I'm confident May will be a much better month. It's my Birthday month and a month closer to my fortnights holiday


Beauty Basket - Weekly Make Up Change

Saturday, April 25, 2015

What is Beauty Basket

I got the idea from Adriana Pina on YouTube. Each week she gathers up products in a basket to use for the coming week. 

My Version

I do my make up on the bus to work and I need to be organised and keep it simple. Last month I'd decided to swap out my make up monthly and do a what's in my make up bag post. However I found myself carrying round a lot of stuff and couldn't get to the things I wanted to use. 

Swapping things weekly means that I don't have to carry too much round with me (there will still be too much) and I might actually get to use up some products. 

I am allowing myself to use something on concurrent weeks but I think how I'm going to work it is on a Friday night I'm going to fill up an empty beauty box with products from my stash before getting things out of the current weeks make up bag and then I can add in products from the current bag and put the rest away.

Week 1 - 18th April - 24th April 

The first week might be a little product heavy but I guess as the weeks go on I'll learn to edit myself better.


Naked One - I love this and feel like it doesn't get enough use. I've had it a long time and feel like it's old enough to be relegated to every day make up. 
W7 In The Mood  - This is new and only cost £3.99. I haven't used it yet and really want to try it. 
Benefit - I use this as a primer and base when I remember. I find it helps product to stick to the lids. 
Neals Yard - This was in a goodie bag and I've never used it. I really want to start using my single eye shadows more. I would like to depot them all into a Z Pallet but haven't got round to it. 
Maybeline Brow Drams - I love this, I was really wary at first as I got the dark brown and I think it was too dark but I've repurchased it medium brown and I can't be without it at the moment. 
Esscesce Brow Pencil - I've been using powder brow kits for the past couple of months and I have so little of the pencil left I've decided to try and use it up. I really like it as it's a good match and is easy to work with. I also like that it has a little brush on the lid.
Benfit - You never know when you might want a but of black liner. I've still got a small amount left in this magazine sample so It's staying in.
Esscence Brown Liner - To go with my recent love of brown mascara I've decided to go down the brown liner route. I'm really happy with this. I don't normally get on with these wind up liners but so far so good with this one. 
Essence -  Green chubby shadow / liner - I bought this a couple of weeks ago and haven't tried it. I want to try and use it at least once. 
Bonjois - Pink / Grey liner. I'd forgotten all about this. I want to try and use it at least once. 


Laura Mercia Foundation Primer -  This is my second tube and I'm almost at the end. I don't know what I'll do when it's finished. I've been lucky as I've had both of mine from beauty boxes. 
Number 7 Stay Perfect Foundation -  I've finally been colour matched and was recommended this. It's new I have to try it. 
Essence Stay Matt - I'm in a bit of a rut with my powders. My favourite Essence powder smashed and it was so well worn I couldn't tell you the name of it. Hoping to find one of the many in my stash will work as well 
Essesnce Blush - I'm a bit lazy and rarely use blusher but love the effect. I'm putting it in and i'm going to try and use it. 
Essence Sun Club - I feel pale. This isn't something I've ever felt before. Bring on summer but in the mean time I'm breaking out the bronzer. 
Maybeline Age Rewind - All time favourite 
Collection Warm medium - I think this is the wrong colour for me but I love it.


How many is too many? I've added three more in as well as I'm going to be doing a re-haul on the NYC Applelicous so I wanted to add them in and see if I reach for them. 


Face of the Day Sunday 19th April 

Half way through the week I realised I wasn't going to use half the products and stripped back to the basics.

I took these out mainly due to how heavy my makeupp bag was and that I was working in a different office and didn't want to lug the giant bag with me. I was planning on putting a couple back in, but I haven't. I have still used the lipbalm as I put it on before I go to bed and and when I get up.

I now realise I don't have to carry two nine of everything. It's fine to swap things mid week if I need to.

My primer ran out so I switched to a new one. I also brought in a gold/bronze pencil the same as the green one above.

I have a few of these  pencils bur I've never really know how to use them other than as a chunky eyeliner. I watched Her Late Night Cravings one eye shadow tag and she listed a few eye shadow pencils and showed how bendable they are and I didn't feel brave enough to try it with the green one.

This is an end of the day picture and while things have slipped  feel pretty happy with how this make up has looked today.

I really love this idea of changing my make up round weekly. From this I know I'll still be using some of the same products next week but I think this will be a really good way of using up some of my make up and I'm not sure if I can keep up with a post every week but my original plan was to do up date post once a month but I think it will be too long a post.

I may see you same time next week. Can you think of a good name for these posts or should I just buy a basket?

My Mind wanders aimlessly

My Mind Wanders Aimlessly

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My lack of Wednesday weight related posts are on hold, life has got in the way. My Grandad's funeral has been Booked for next Thursday and yesterday we finally got the death certificate so everything else can be sorted out.

I've been eating everything and anything. I've developed a taste for processed chicken. From chicken slices to those fridge raiders and coke zero.

I've decided to not worry about it and I'm on  a mission to try and drink more water as I'm finding I'm not having any water until just before I go to bed.

I get paid on Friday and I'm chopping at the bit to go shopping. I know I go shopping every weekend but I have a list of things I want to buy as I get a bonus this month so it's time to invest in thing.

On the list:

A new camera
Some of the spending money for my holiday
A Clinique Colour Pop Lipstick
New glasses
Hotel and spending money for Blog on

I also a week ahead of myself. I started to pack for Blog on but I'm not going till a week on Friday. I'm staying over Friday night and going for a meal the night before.

I'm also making plans for my birthday. I've got two ideas and I'm trying to decide which one to go for but I will decide on Friday.

Another thing I've been thinking about more and more is doing some YouTube Video's. This time last year I hated even watching YouTube but now I'm obsessed and I watch it every day. I'm still not quite there yet but watch this space.

What else have I got to tell you?

I dyed my hair on Monday night, I was going to go for an shower and noticed how bad my roots were. I found a box dye in my cupboard so stuck it on me 'ead. I thought it was a medium brown but it's almost black. Let's hope it fades quickly.

I'm also out of my funk from a couple of weeks ago, things just aren't brill but nothing is terrible and I'm plodding along. I actually feel quite positive and happy.

If you've made it this far well done!

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Tales from The Yours Clothing Changing Rooms

Monday, April 20, 2015

I really love that we now have Yours Clothing in my local town centre but I fear it's going the way of other stores and it's getting messy and over stuffed.

I went in last week looking for a black dress and this is the only one other than a T-Shirt dress in the whole store.

I really like this dress but it felt too big and I feel like the sweetheart neck make me look like I'm pretending to have big boobs.

I'm happy that it's all very colourful but it's really hard to see what's going on. Even the staff we calling the clothes while the manager was trying to be diplomatic she has having a hard time disagreeing with the other member of staff.

I feel like Your Clothing hasn't found it's feet in the market and is trying to be a bit of everything. Catering for what could be deemed the more mature market. I couldn't put an age on t but one too many frills, a ruffle here and gather there.

Then it has all these amazing collaborations with plus size models and celebs. This hasn't really filled down to my local store and I think unless you were heavily involved in social media it could be a bit lost on you.

I feel like i'm being really negative but I do love Yours Clothing and I have a lot of their clothes in my wardrobe. 

I'm just finding it hard to wade through to find the nice things. I am a rooter, TK Maxx is my ideal shop. I love to rummage and go through racks of clothes systematically but the majority or people I know hate this and if i'm feeling overwhelmed then I know a lot of others will be as well. 

The shop isn't untidy and clothes are neatly organised there is just too many racks and the good stuff (things I like) hidden in the deepest darkest corners.

I'm slowly moving away from swing dresses and skater dresses but I really like the dress above and below. The orange dress is a size 22 and felt too big all over. 

The blue dress is a size 20 and I feel like it is perfect for me. It felt right when I tried it on, at £26 it isn't a fortune either. 

As a bit of a bonus my mum has bought it for my birthday (17days early but she won't be here) I'm really pleased with it and can't wait to wear it.

I didn't mean for this post to be as negative as it reads but I just want to say if you have a Yours near you there are gems to be had.

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Blogger of the Month - Just an Idea

Sunday, April 19, 2015

I want to run something past you all and would really appreciate your feed back on an idea i've had going round my head for a few months.

I'd like to start a Blogger of the Month feature but I don't really know where to start. I have two ideas and would really like your input on which you'd prefer or neither or any ideas you have let me know.

Idea 1:

I create a questionnaire to send to other bloggers I'd like to feature asking them about themselves and their blog. hrow me Idea's what would you like to know from my blogger of the month?

Idea 2: 

I create a list of questions that I answer about the blogger I want to feature. Things like: How I came across their blog. My favourite type of post from them. Throw me Idea's what would you like to know about my blogger of the month?

My thinking behind the questionnaire format is for consistency and I don't lose the plot and ramble too much. I will ramble but it might be more concise rambling. Maybe?!?!?

Which would you prefer? 

My other thoughts in this process is not to leave people out while at the same time there are so many bloggers I know I can't feature everyone and don't want to offend anyone.

In the words of Brucie "You're my favourite"

How should I pick my favourite? How should I create my post and who are you're favourite bloggers at the moment?

One other thing I was thinking of is to create a badge to say "blogger of the month" yadda yadda and asking the favourite to display it on their blog if they wanted to. Do you think this would work?

Do you do a favourite blogger of the month? How do you structure it? What have you learned from the process and what would you do differently?

Please let me know any thoughts you have. If you don't want to leave a comment you can tweet, email, facebook me.

Thank you 

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Book Haul - April 2015

Saturday, April 18, 2015

My to be read pile is not going down, it's actually increasing.  These are the latest 5 books to be added. There were more but I have actually read them! 

I think I need to re-examine my to be read pile and see if there are things I actually want to read and if there is anything I'm not fussed about it's going in the charity shop pile as I just don't feel inspired to read anything on it! 

Did I do a post on my to be read pile at the start of the year? I don't think I did but I did take an instagram picture of it.  Maybe I need to do a follow up to see if I have actually read anything from this list? Maybe I should do it in June as a mid year thing. 

Committed - Elizabeth Gilbert

This is a follow up to Eat, Pray, Love. I hated Eat, Pray, Love and not sure why I bought it? I guess I was curious. I'm nosey but it was only £1.00 

The Bolter - Frances Osborne

I don't know it this is a true story or a novel. It has photo sections in it but looks like a novel. I need to research it. I enjoyed the last book I read set in the Twenties so decided to give it a try. 

Look at Me - Jennifer Egan

I have just started this and I'm a bit confused there seem to be a lot of characters and I need to concentrate. It starts with Charlotte and model who is involved in a car accident and goes home to the mid west to recover, It's about her trying to find her place after the accident. 

Damaged - Cathy Glass

I'm hoping I haven't already read this. I have read a lot of Cathy Glass books and I tend to read the blurb about the other books. It sounds familiar but it was 50p for a hard back book. These books always make me cry. Cathy is a UK based fosterer and over the years has looked after a number of children with a broad range of issues and while I can't imagine what her life and the kids she fosters lives are like, I enjoy reading her books 

Beautiful Child -  Torey Hayden 

Another book I might already have read but another of for 50p for a hard back book. It also doesn't look like it's been read. 
Torey Hayden for me is the US counterpart to Cathy Glass. I think Torey is a teacher rather than a fosterer but she deals with behavioural development issues. It's fascinating reading and I usually end up crying. 

What books do I need to add to my to be read pile? Any recommendations send them my way. 


Magazine Freebies - Glamour Magazine

Thursday, April 16, 2015

I rarely buy magazines and when I do it will be because they have a free gift with purchase! I'm actually guilty of buying two of the same magazines as I couldn't decide which gift I wanted. 

Glamour is one of the few magazines I read after I've got the gift. Most magazines get passed to a colleague without opening them. I'm also excited that I've now got a subscription to Glamour thanks to the latest in beauty Glaour beauty box. 

I keep seeing Blance Me products and I have the moisturiser from a beauty box, which I've dug out and I really like it.

I paid £4 and got approximately £20 worth of products, which is a really good deal. 

I've really been into face masks this year. I have a couple that I like, a couple that I really don't like. I'd also run out of the face wash I'd been using and for £2 it seems like a good way of trying this without committing the full purchase price. 

I feel like the mask is more of a facial scrub. On me it doesn't set, I don't know if it's meant to but I want a mask to set.

My skin has been breaking out quite a bit recently and I think it's hormonal but I don't feel like this has helped to calm or improve my skin.

The face wash has a very natural smell which I'm not very keen on, other people might really like it and we all know how funny I am about smells. This does the job and gets my face clean but the smell really puts me off.

They might be great for other people but for me I'm not sure. I'm going to carry on using them as this year I'm all about using things up and I'll report back on them in an empties post soon.

The moisturiser I love. it's really thick without making my skin feel greasy  and it soaks in really quickly. I don't think the richness of it is helping my breakouts but I love how soft my skin feels.

Have you tried these products? How did you get on?

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