April 2015 Favourites

Sunday, April 26, 2015

How is the end of another month, my posting scheduled has been a bit all over the place but I'm hoping to get back in to a routine and have time to blog.

What have been my favourites this month?


Lip Liners fro Essence - I watched a YouTube video by Simone who was showing her love of MAC Lipliners. My budget isn't willing to stretch to something I probably won't use. I stopped my the Essence counter and came away with 6 lip liners. They are really smooth and creamy and I think as my first real delve into lip liners they are great.

Wearing makeup and switching out my products more regularly. YouTube is a dangerous place but it gives me so much inspiration for my blog.

I've got a bunch of ideas and hopefully by the time this post goes live or very shortly after some new regular posts are going to be added.

Re-Hauls - This is where you look back at a previous haul and talk about the items again. The first one is scheduled for the first Friday in May.

Another Idea I've had is changing your make up weekly. I had planned to change my make up bag round monthly and do a what's in my make up bag but I like the idea of switching things out every week. I own so many products that I don't really use. I think What I'm going to do is each Friday fill a beauty box with products from my collection before emptying my make up bag. Then if I have things I want to use again for a second week I can do. What I will do is post a weekly update and add it a couple of face of the days from each week. I guess we can only see how it goes. I'm not sure if I can maintain a weekly post but it's going to be far too much to put in one montly post. Let me know what you think

ASOS no snag / plastic bobbles so much better than ones i've had before.

Latest In Beauty Glamour Beauty Box - These are my favourite and with the exception of the lip gloss I will use everything. In fact I have been using things.

JoBaz Caffeine shampoo and conditioner - Apple scented and is meant to be good for growth. I haven't tried the Argan Oil ones yet. I've used it a couple of times and like how it makes my hair feel, my mind is open on if it actually helps growth but as a shampoo / conditioner I like it. Thank you to the person who told me about them.

Lee Stafford Detangling spray. Now my hair is getting longer it's getting knottier and this is a life saver. I love the smell of Lee Stafford products, this works instantly for me.


Simone Scribes. She's back and I could watch her video's 247. I feel like a stalker but my heart warms when I see a new video in my subs box. 

Maggie May - I cam across her via Em's Channel and I adore her. I feel like we could be friends in real life. 
Kristin Gehm Vlog and beauty channel, She also seems like someone I'd get on with but she needs to keep the stripes and she rocks them!

VLOGS in general. As much as I love sit down, well lit video's watching people in their everyday lives or no so everyday lives (Joe Sugg I'm looking at you)


I haven't really done any book posts this month but I have read a really good book this month. What Would Mary Berry Do? Funny from the first page. I'm looking for a new template or better way of doing my book reviews so if you have any tips or templates let me know.


Hotel Chocolate Scrabbled Egg Easter Egg. This wasn't even mine, my mum won it in a Facebook Cometition. She shared and it was delicious!

Malteaster Bunny - This isn't for the taste of it but represents how lovely my team at work are. I was off work on the Thursday before Easter and our manager had brought some chocolates in for everyone to share and they'd put in a bunny and a Cadbury's mousse egg in my drawer so I didn't miss out.


Asda Leggins with pockets £8. They are more like trousers than leggins and are really comfy. I planned a whole post on these but wasn't happy with my pictures. This is one of them.

I've worn them to work and at weekends and found them to be great.


Spring, the clock change, lighter night.

Colouring in. I've been stressed, it's been a hard month already (Writing this bit on 9th April) This has really helped take my mind off things for ten minutes at a time.

It's been a bit of a crap month in my personal life but I'm confident May will be a much better month. It's my Birthday month and a month closer to my fortnights holiday

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  1. Hey Steph, Glad you like the JoBaz shampoo/conditioner! Please review the argan oil one at some point, I've never seen those.x

  2. I will do, I'm thinking of saving it for my holiday in June. But will do a post as soon as I know if I like it or now. Sorry If I should already know this but I'm rubbish at connecting names across social media. What is your twitter / FB or Instagram name(s)? I want to make sure I'm following you as well x

  3. Enjoy ur holiday! I'm still obsessed with the caffeine shampoo.
    I dont use any social media (Weirdo alert!!...not really a weirdo I just have no need for social media!) x


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