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Saturday, April 25, 2015

What is Beauty Basket

I got the idea from Adriana Pina on YouTube. Each week she gathers up products in a basket to use for the coming week. 

My Version

I do my make up on the bus to work and I need to be organised and keep it simple. Last month I'd decided to swap out my make up monthly and do a what's in my make up bag post. However I found myself carrying round a lot of stuff and couldn't get to the things I wanted to use. 

Swapping things weekly means that I don't have to carry too much round with me (there will still be too much) and I might actually get to use up some products. 

I am allowing myself to use something on concurrent weeks but I think how I'm going to work it is on a Friday night I'm going to fill up an empty beauty box with products from my stash before getting things out of the current weeks make up bag and then I can add in products from the current bag and put the rest away.

Week 1 - 18th April - 24th April 

The first week might be a little product heavy but I guess as the weeks go on I'll learn to edit myself better.


Naked One - I love this and feel like it doesn't get enough use. I've had it a long time and feel like it's old enough to be relegated to every day make up. 
W7 In The Mood  - This is new and only cost £3.99. I haven't used it yet and really want to try it. 
Benefit - I use this as a primer and base when I remember. I find it helps product to stick to the lids. 
Neals Yard - This was in a goodie bag and I've never used it. I really want to start using my single eye shadows more. I would like to depot them all into a Z Pallet but haven't got round to it. 
Maybeline Brow Drams - I love this, I was really wary at first as I got the dark brown and I think it was too dark but I've repurchased it medium brown and I can't be without it at the moment. 
Esscesce Brow Pencil - I've been using powder brow kits for the past couple of months and I have so little of the pencil left I've decided to try and use it up. I really like it as it's a good match and is easy to work with. I also like that it has a little brush on the lid.
Benfit - You never know when you might want a but of black liner. I've still got a small amount left in this magazine sample so It's staying in.
Esscence Brown Liner - To go with my recent love of brown mascara I've decided to go down the brown liner route. I'm really happy with this. I don't normally get on with these wind up liners but so far so good with this one. 
Essence -  Green chubby shadow / liner - I bought this a couple of weeks ago and haven't tried it. I want to try and use it at least once. 
Bonjois - Pink / Grey liner. I'd forgotten all about this. I want to try and use it at least once. 


Laura Mercia Foundation Primer -  This is my second tube and I'm almost at the end. I don't know what I'll do when it's finished. I've been lucky as I've had both of mine from beauty boxes. 
Number 7 Stay Perfect Foundation -  I've finally been colour matched and was recommended this. It's new I have to try it. 
Essence Stay Matt - I'm in a bit of a rut with my powders. My favourite Essence powder smashed and it was so well worn I couldn't tell you the name of it. Hoping to find one of the many in my stash will work as well 
Essesnce Blush - I'm a bit lazy and rarely use blusher but love the effect. I'm putting it in and i'm going to try and use it. 
Essence Sun Club - I feel pale. This isn't something I've ever felt before. Bring on summer but in the mean time I'm breaking out the bronzer. 
Maybeline Age Rewind - All time favourite 
Collection Warm medium - I think this is the wrong colour for me but I love it.


How many is too many? I've added three more in as well as I'm going to be doing a re-haul on the NYC Applelicous so I wanted to add them in and see if I reach for them. 


Face of the Day Sunday 19th April 

Half way through the week I realised I wasn't going to use half the products and stripped back to the basics.

I took these out mainly due to how heavy my makeupp bag was and that I was working in a different office and didn't want to lug the giant bag with me. I was planning on putting a couple back in, but I haven't. I have still used the lipbalm as I put it on before I go to bed and and when I get up.

I now realise I don't have to carry two nine of everything. It's fine to swap things mid week if I need to.

My primer ran out so I switched to a new one. I also brought in a gold/bronze pencil the same as the green one above.

I have a few of these  pencils bur I've never really know how to use them other than as a chunky eyeliner. I watched Her Late Night Cravings one eye shadow tag and she listed a few eye shadow pencils and showed how bendable they are and I didn't feel brave enough to try it with the green one.

This is an end of the day picture and while things have slipped  feel pretty happy with how this make up has looked today.

I really love this idea of changing my make up round weekly. From this I know I'll still be using some of the same products next week but I think this will be a really good way of using up some of my make up and I'm not sure if I can keep up with a post every week but my original plan was to do up date post once a month but I think it will be too long a post.

I may see you same time next week. Can you think of a good name for these posts or should I just buy a basket?

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