Book Haul - April 2015

Saturday, April 18, 2015

My to be read pile is not going down, it's actually increasing.  These are the latest 5 books to be added. There were more but I have actually read them! 

I think I need to re-examine my to be read pile and see if there are things I actually want to read and if there is anything I'm not fussed about it's going in the charity shop pile as I just don't feel inspired to read anything on it! 

Did I do a post on my to be read pile at the start of the year? I don't think I did but I did take an instagram picture of it.  Maybe I need to do a follow up to see if I have actually read anything from this list? Maybe I should do it in June as a mid year thing. 

Committed - Elizabeth Gilbert

This is a follow up to Eat, Pray, Love. I hated Eat, Pray, Love and not sure why I bought it? I guess I was curious. I'm nosey but it was only £1.00 

The Bolter - Frances Osborne

I don't know it this is a true story or a novel. It has photo sections in it but looks like a novel. I need to research it. I enjoyed the last book I read set in the Twenties so decided to give it a try. 

Look at Me - Jennifer Egan

I have just started this and I'm a bit confused there seem to be a lot of characters and I need to concentrate. It starts with Charlotte and model who is involved in a car accident and goes home to the mid west to recover, It's about her trying to find her place after the accident. 

Damaged - Cathy Glass

I'm hoping I haven't already read this. I have read a lot of Cathy Glass books and I tend to read the blurb about the other books. It sounds familiar but it was 50p for a hard back book. These books always make me cry. Cathy is a UK based fosterer and over the years has looked after a number of children with a broad range of issues and while I can't imagine what her life and the kids she fosters lives are like, I enjoy reading her books 

Beautiful Child -  Torey Hayden 

Another book I might already have read but another of for 50p for a hard back book. It also doesn't look like it's been read. 
Torey Hayden for me is the US counterpart to Cathy Glass. I think Torey is a teacher rather than a fosterer but she deals with behavioural development issues. It's fascinating reading and I usually end up crying. 

What books do I need to add to my to be read pile? Any recommendations send them my way. 

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