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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Hi All,

If you follow me on Social Media you will be well aware of why this blog has been quite this week.

On Friday evening my Grandad passed away, me and my mum were with him and life has got chaotic to say the least.

Although his doctor was the one to phone and tell us he only had a few days left, he refused to sign a statement of intent and subsequently a death certificate. This means it's been referred to the police and coroners office.

To top off my gran ended up in A&E on Easter Sunday night, it was a suspected stroke but they are now saying it was just a chest infection and she seems ok now.

The rest of us, well we're a bit of a mess. My dad has a chesty cough and is rattling. I haven't slept properly since Wednesday. My mums had a sore throat and feels poorly.

Safe to say we didn't have a very happy Easter. I'd booked Thursday and Tuesday off to have an extra long relaxing weekend as I'd not had any time off since Christmas and it wasn't relaxing. I could cheerfully burst into sobs of exhaustion any second.

I went back to work today and my manager said I could go home but what can I do at home? I'd be having to do things. I couldn't relax. I know that sounds ungrateful and selfish but I feel like I'm at breaking point.

I've got two days off in May but it's at a bad time of the month and I know they want me to change it, but it's birthday weekend. Although I'm going to be alone as my parents and grandma's are away on their own respective jollies. Well that's cheerful! Happy 34th Birthday to me. Shit that made me cry. I don't even like birthdays.

Ok I'm getting whiney and self indulgent now. I shall leave before I get worse!!

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  1. Thank you lovely lady. It's been such and hard time. They had the inquest today and we have the go ahead for a funeral but could be over a month before we can have a death certificate! xx


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