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Thursday, April 16, 2015

I rarely buy magazines and when I do it will be because they have a free gift with purchase! I'm actually guilty of buying two of the same magazines as I couldn't decide which gift I wanted. 

Glamour is one of the few magazines I read after I've got the gift. Most magazines get passed to a colleague without opening them. I'm also excited that I've now got a subscription to Glamour thanks to the latest in beauty Glaour beauty box. 

I keep seeing Blance Me products and I have the moisturiser from a beauty box, which I've dug out and I really like it.

I paid £4 and got approximately £20 worth of products, which is a really good deal. 

I've really been into face masks this year. I have a couple that I like, a couple that I really don't like. I'd also run out of the face wash I'd been using and for £2 it seems like a good way of trying this without committing the full purchase price. 

I feel like the mask is more of a facial scrub. On me it doesn't set, I don't know if it's meant to but I want a mask to set.

My skin has been breaking out quite a bit recently and I think it's hormonal but I don't feel like this has helped to calm or improve my skin.

The face wash has a very natural smell which I'm not very keen on, other people might really like it and we all know how funny I am about smells. This does the job and gets my face clean but the smell really puts me off.

They might be great for other people but for me I'm not sure. I'm going to carry on using them as this year I'm all about using things up and I'll report back on them in an empties post soon.

The moisturiser I love. it's really thick without making my skin feel greasy  and it soaks in really quickly. I don't think the richness of it is helping my breakouts but I love how soft my skin feels.

Have you tried these products? How did you get on?

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  1. Hi, Have you been in Superdrug recently? They have a new (I've just spotted it) range called "Clearly Youthful" which is aimed at 20s-30s & is a fair price point & feels lovely on my skin. I bought mine instore as it had sold out online I also got mine half price (around £3 a piece) some of the products are multifunctional they do a scrub/mask one & it's aces my skin feels so clean (but you may not like as the mask doesn't set.

  2. I go in Superdrug a few times a week but I don't think I notice things. I will have to have a look. I think as long as I know it doesn't set I'll be ok. With this one I didn't know it didn't set and I didn't know how long to leave it for.

    This reminds me that I spotted a new looking range in Wilkos. Will make a note to look at them once I get paid xx

  3. I personally really like the range, the scrub/mask thing feels alot sharper than most scrubs but not in a bad way & my skin feels & looks loads better. I have been using this new range for a week & can see improvement. It's now my go to range, I am 33 & feel too old for the young skin care & (way!) too young for mature ranges. The range is also in nice clean simple packaging I also love the fact that the range doesn't really have a scent. xx

  4. I know what you mean about the age and skincare. I'm 33 as well and i've been struggling. I was speaking to a woman in Boots today and she said something I was using was for more mature skin and I didn't need it. I didn't tell her my age but felt nice to be told my skin doesn't need mature skin care just yet x

  5. Sim @ Sim's Life20 April 2015 at 13:07

    I am totally guilty for purchasing magazines simply for the freebies - it's a right of passage. Not bought a magazine in quite some time though - may go and treat myself!!x

  6. I rarely read them but every now and again a freebie catches my eye and I have to have it (or two !) x


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