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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

You can't just walk past a giant bottle of nail polish without taking a look at what is on the inside.

We walked past this three times if not more but before I headed over to the station the lure was too much and I had to take a look.

I was warmly greeted by a VERY enthusiastic sales assistant and after saying I had used Models Own before was presented with a free gift. More about this late.

I was quite overwhelmed, I don't know if it was being inside a giant nail polish bottle or the vast range of colours and types. I quickly recovered and made myself a purchase or 5. They had an offer of 5 bottles for £20, it would have been rude not to take advantage.

You may remember a few weeks ago I was on the hunt for a Rose Gold nail polish. I know exactly what I want. I want one that is very glittery but with a solid colour behind it. My ideal would be the same consistency and look as Model Own Velvet Goth in Absinthe but in Rose Gold.
I didn't find my perfect rose gold colour but I did get a rose gold that looks really nice.

 As I mentioned above they gave me a free gift for using Models Own before, I felt special for about three seconds when I heard and saw them give anyone who entered a free gift. It was only a nail buffer and while my enthusiasm was short lift it was a nice little bonus. When I got on the train I decided to have a nosey at my purchases.

Do you see a free Gift. I'll give you a clue... It's not there!!! They'd given me a small basket with the gift in and I took it and my selection to the till and they didn't put it in the bag. 

I don't need a nail buffer, I probably wouldn't use it but still if you get offered something the decent thing would have been to at least give it to me. 

From Left to Right:

Velvet Goth Valerian
Liquid Metal Chrome Rose
HyperGel Turquoise Gloss
HyperGel Sundress
HyperGel Prude Nude

So far I've tried the Prude Nude and I feel a little bit let down by it. It didn't go on as nicely as I expected it to and by 11am It was already starting to peel off. I did put it on quite quickly and didn't use a top coat but I expected a bit more from it.

I've also used Velvet Goth Valerian and I really liked this. It lasted a good 24 hours before I started to chip at it, I love that it's kind of matt, may be satin but more matt base but with glitter. I really wish they did this in more colours as I really adore the effect.

I will try and do some nails of the day posts or at least get pictures to Instagram in the next few days.

I've had a couple of Models Own colours in the past and really liked them so I'm hoping it was just user error with the Prude Nude colour. I will be reporting back once I've tried them all.

With the HyperGel colours they are meant to be true to the colour on the lid after two coats. I didn't find this to be true, it was true to the colour in the bottle just not the top sicker.

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