Paperchase at Cheshire Oaks

Saturday, April 04, 2015

If you're anything like me you'll not be able to pass a shop that sells cute stationery without popping your head round the door. If you are like me you will often not leave without making a purchase.

It January I said I wasn't buying any new pads but guess what I lasted till the end of the month. I buy things that are two nice to use and save them for best... when we had a trip over to Cheshire Oaks, I was good really good I walked out a Paperchase without buying one thing!

Then  I went back! Yep It was too hard to resist. I didn't need anything I shouldn't have bought anything yet I'm unable to resist all their papery goodness!

2 Ball Pens in Black - I have to use pens with a chunky barrel, I own 100s of pens all with a chunky barrel but when can resist a sales bargain.

Cute Sticky Notes - I use a lot of sticky notes, not entirely sure how or why but I love these packs from Paperchase. Will be taking these to work with me.

Project Book - This was bought with blog planning in mind, as are so many of my pads and notebooks. Because my blog is so mixed I thought it would be hand to separate out the notes I make on posts in to topics rather than by date. My other option is to take this to work and use it on the IT projects I'm working on. Or just file it under pretty pads along with the 57 others I have bought recently.

Initial Cards - V&G are my parents initials, I really wanted an S and I'm going to go to Paperchase in Manchester and see if they have any, I think I will get these framed. Or at least displayed somewhere.

I also got a dual colour pen which looks a bit like a rabbit. The ears are the colours. It's red and green but the green has run out after two uses

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