Plus Size Bloggers Shopping Day in Birmingham

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Last Saturday I went on a trip down to Birmingham to meet up with a bunch of Plus Size blogger babes for an afternoon of shopping, food and a lot of laughs organised by Nikki. 

I'd arranged to meet Lottie and Kat at the train station and we walked over to The Bull Ring together and Met up with Natalie and settled ourselves down in Muffin Break while we waited for Nikki, Becky and Patty to arrive. 

First stop was Yours Clothing, It's a fairly big unit and while they had a lot of things I was struggling to find things I liked and wanted to try on. I finally found the dress Lolly shared on Insagram around Christmas time but at £35 I think it was a bit expensive and the pattern didn't line up which really irritates me. I loved it and will keep an eye out for it in the sale. 

Kat Looked amazing in this floral dress, she twirled and twirled in it and I think it really suits her. 

We stopped for Food at The Loft which is a food court with different food stations. I went for Pizza but regretted my choice for the rest of the day as I was left with crippling indigestion. 

Evans is in the same shopping centre as The Loft so we called in and immediately spotted an offer on the Super Skinny Jeans that the world has been raving about. One day only for £18. This only seemed to be on the 30 inch leg but after saying potentially 7 of us wanted to buy the 28 inch leg they said they were all on offer but hadn't put the stickers on them yet. 

I have to say I've never spent so long or had so much fun in an Evans store. It was also a really good temperature and the changing rooms where pretty spacious. 

We'd all taken in some jeans and tried them on first. Lots of pictures and even a bum selfie. As a group of 7 we were a range of sizes and shapes from an 18/20 to 26 and it was interesting to see how the jeans looked on us. 

Becky and I both tried on the same jeans in the same length leg and my jeans were pooling slightly round my ankle while hers sat nicely without bunching. I'm an inch taller than her but she is all leg.

It made me think about the post on Big Fat Betty's Blog My Body Is Not a Number  of the same clothes size but how different shapes look. 

Next up we tried on some dresses from Scarlett and Jo. I love the poppy dress but for me there are a few issues. Price point, I find it hard to justify the cost when the waist band is so uncomfortable and  it doesn't seem to sit right. We all pretty much found this and concluded the band needs to be an inch or two narrower. I'd also prefer it to be slightly shorter. If I was spending that much money I wouldn't want to have to get it altered. I've also noticed Scarlett and Jo shared my picture on Instagram last Thursday. I feel bad saying I don't like something and I DO LIKE IT, It's just not for me. We looked good in it but I don't think I could wear it for long. What I did love was the sheer panel it means that I wouldn't be worried about the top coming down but still looks good. 

I tried on another Scarlett and Jo dress with a key hole cut out in the neckline and while I loved the dress that small feature would annoy me and I'd be concious of it all day. Meaning I'd end up wearing a cami top under it and then I'd be too hot. 

They didn't have duplicate dresses in the same sizes so Patty had to wait till Becky had tried the dress on and I think she looks amazing. Who wore it best? 

From Evans we headed over to New Look Via Lush, I treated myself to a ickle bot bath bomb which is aimed at Children to help them sleep but It smelt lovely and was only £1.99. 

In New Look we couldn't take over the changing rooms and there wasn't much that caught my eye. I tried on some trousers but they had elastic around the hem which I really didn't like on me.

I left everyone after New Look, I was so tired and my indigestion was crippling me. I did find time to stop by the Models Own concession before jumping on the train home. 

What I love about these meet up's is it's like meeting up with friends, there is never any awkwardness even though we've only met a few times in real life or even the first time we've met. We have a common interests but are still different and we just get on. 

What I would really like is to have a weekend away somewhere with a group of other bloggers, no event, no real plans just a cheap weekend, where we can shop, chat, relax and eat good food. It would be too hard to co-ordinate I think and while I love going to organised events the shopping trips and down time is what makes this community for me. 

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  1. I was so pleased you came and it was lovely to see you again, just a shame I wasn't a 100% well!!! I agree these types of meet ups are great as its relaxed and just shopping, eating chatting with no pressure! xxx

  2. Steph you really captured the highlights of the day. Love this and I love you girly you're totally amazing...All of you lovely ladies are and you are so right, it was like meeting up with old friends. Looking forward to the next one I would love to do a weekend! Let's try and make it happen!! Xx

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful day!


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