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Monday, April 13, 2015

When Debz suggested a challenge for April based on International brands. What would you have bought if the brand shipped to where you live, shipping was affordable and there was no danger of being stung by customs charges. 

My first thought was to look at American Brands, but were to start? I don't lust over a lot of the things like a lot of other people do. I'm fairly happy with what I can get in the UK (More is always good) 

I've looked to a brand that I do shop in when I go on holiday and in some ways this post is almost a Here's what I would have spent. 

The brand I've chosen is Encuentro A Spanish Brand with lots of store across mainland Spain and the canaries. They have amazing sales and also have "Stock" (AKA Outlet) Stores which are even cheaper. 

In most of their lines they do sizes XS - XL with the occasional XXL and in some lines its regular european sizing 38 - 46 

As with many stores you have to try things on. I've never fitted in anything in the european sizes but I have had a few things in a size L to XXL. 

I have spent €100s of euros over the years, in fact I spent €95 Euros when I went to Tenerife last year. 

If they had shops in the UK and they had a Plus Size Range I suspect it would be my go to shop. 

A lot of the items are fairly simple basics but that's my style. I work in an office I want to be comfy and I don't want to spend a fortune. 

I don't think you can shop online with them at all but I know if I could easily get these items in the UK I would spend my money with them. 

They have an English version of their website and the store locator is easy to use. 

If you want me the last two weeks of June you'll find me in one of the two stores in Arrecife, Lanzarote. They look far apart but from what I remember they were fairly close together. 


All photo taken from Encuentro's website

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  1. The denim dress with that bag would be so lush <3 x

  2. Thanks, i really love there stuff. It's a bit different to things we get over here but totally my kind of clothes xxx

  3. I love that you havent gone for the usual american market with this post. Dont know if you might be interested but Asda have polka dot leggings just now xx

  4. I didn't know where to start with the American stores. I didn't think to do a few store!

    I approached it like the what I would have spent as I know I can get to this store in June and who knows if I will ever go to America again! xx


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