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Monday, April 20, 2015

I really love that we now have Yours Clothing in my local town centre but I fear it's going the way of other stores and it's getting messy and over stuffed.

I went in last week looking for a black dress and this is the only one other than a T-Shirt dress in the whole store.

I really like this dress but it felt too big and I feel like the sweetheart neck make me look like I'm pretending to have big boobs.

I'm happy that it's all very colourful but it's really hard to see what's going on. Even the staff we calling the clothes while the manager was trying to be diplomatic she has having a hard time disagreeing with the other member of staff.

I feel like Your Clothing hasn't found it's feet in the market and is trying to be a bit of everything. Catering for what could be deemed the more mature market. I couldn't put an age on t but one too many frills, a ruffle here and gather there.

Then it has all these amazing collaborations with plus size models and celebs. This hasn't really filled down to my local store and I think unless you were heavily involved in social media it could be a bit lost on you.

I feel like i'm being really negative but I do love Yours Clothing and I have a lot of their clothes in my wardrobe. 

I'm just finding it hard to wade through to find the nice things. I am a rooter, TK Maxx is my ideal shop. I love to rummage and go through racks of clothes systematically but the majority or people I know hate this and if i'm feeling overwhelmed then I know a lot of others will be as well. 

The shop isn't untidy and clothes are neatly organised there is just too many racks and the good stuff (things I like) hidden in the deepest darkest corners.

I'm slowly moving away from swing dresses and skater dresses but I really like the dress above and below. The orange dress is a size 22 and felt too big all over. 

The blue dress is a size 20 and I feel like it is perfect for me. It felt right when I tried it on, at £26 it isn't a fortune either. 

As a bit of a bonus my mum has bought it for my birthday (17days early but she won't be here) I'm really pleased with it and can't wait to wear it.

I didn't mean for this post to be as negative as it reads but I just want to say if you have a Yours near you there are gems to be had.

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  1. I totally agree with you! I had seen a couple of things on other bloggers over the past couple of weeks that I fancied but couldn't find them in store. They were there after held from an assistant but its almost like they are trying to cram too much in. I almost couldn't even be bothered to try them on as it kinda took the fun out of it. It will be interesting to watch the tv programme that's on tomorrow night about them.

  2. They defo cram too much stuff in. I haven't seen the TV show. I don't know if I will watch it or not, I can't make my mind up.

    I've had so many great things from you over the years and it's amazing they are opening new stores all the time. I wish it was easier to find what you were looking for when you go in x


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