Beauty Basket - Week 2

Friday, May 15, 2015

This worked really well for me last week. I tend not to wear much make up over the weekend so on Friday night I emptied my make up bag and started to gather things for the coming week.

It was pay day weekend and I knew I was buying new things so I held off until Sunday before making my final choices.

I've picked out a lot less stuff but I still think it's too much. The joy of new make up means I want to use it all and use it all now.

Some of these are Newly bought the weekend of 25th / 26th April. I'll also note the I'm carrying over from the previous week.

Lips -
Collection Lock and Load lipgloss. NEW this was my free item in a 3 for 2 deal. I couldn't find anything else I fancied. I'm not a huge fan of lip glosses but I liked the colour and smell of this one.
Seventeen - Lip Crayon. I own a huge number of these types of products. I'm trying to rotate them
NYX chubby stick - See above
NYC Applelicious - LAST WEEK. I dug these out last week as I'm going to do a Re-Haul post next week and I did like using them. Keeping one out to use.
CK lip gloss - NEW. A bargain from TJ Hughes. I wanted to use it as it's new .

Brushes (All New)

Face -
Rimmel Lasting Finisg Primer. NEW. My Laura Mercier finally ran out last week and I'd planned on buying the blue 002 rimmle primer which I love but I've decided to try the Lasting Finish
Rimmel Lasting Finish Poweder Foundation - NEW. While I love the Number 7 foundation I got last week. It was expensive. (for me at least) I wanted a budget option to use every day and fancied a change to powder. I can't remember ever using a powder foundation so we'll see how I get on.
Lord & Berry Bronzer - I didn't have much use of the giant Essence bronzer last week. I'm hoping this smaller sample size might get used.
Models Co - cream blush. I'm still not sure on cream blushes. I think I need to watch a few YouTube video's but going to give it a try.

Eyes -

Collection Little Mix - All about the eyes palette. NEW, I've seen so many people talk about this. I've almost bought it a few times.
Collection Liquid pen - NEW, I've never been one to use eyeliner on my eye lid, but over the past couple of weeks I feel like It would look nice. As I'm loving brown eye products I thought I'd try it.
Brown Kohl pencil from Poundland - NEW. Some good reports around about Poundlands Makeup range, I really wanted a brow pencil to replace the essence but they didn't have any.

Maybelline Brow Drama LAST WEEK. I love this stuff. It was such a good decision on my part to get the mid brown colour.
Essence Eye pencil - LAST WEEK. Same as last week. I really liked this
Essence Eye Brow Pencil - LAST WEEK. I'm so close to finishing this It will be kept in until it;s gone.
Makeup Revolution single shadow - Following on from last week I want to try more single shadow looks. I know I could use one shadow from the palette but as I rarely use my single shadows I thought I'd include it.
Maybelline Mascara - While I've been loving the collection brown mascara I fancied a change for this week.

This was a good week, I'm still finding my feet and trying not to carry too much round with me. I am going to try only changing things every fortnight (ie, doing a post fortnightly)

What I have done for the coming weeks is pulled out quite a bit and I might have bought even more stuff (why do I do it!)

I've got my on the go make up in another new make up bag which has two compartments, as I use an item I move it to the other side of the bag and means If I'm not using something I can try and remember to take it out.

I forgot to get any face of the day pictures but I have got some for next weeks post so stay tuned.

I'm sorry these posts are a bit rambling, I'm still finding my way with these post.

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  1. Oh! I nearly bought the LittleMix palette. How are you finding it? <3 xx

  2. I really like it, all the shades apart from the black are shimmery but I've worn it to work every day this week and didn't feel like I was too done up for work.



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