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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Recently I have become a little bit addicted to watching American YouTubers and feel so Jealous of the brands (not to mentions the prices) and they products they have. 

A Britsh YouTuber +Leah XL Channel recently did a video on products she'd bough from Beauty Crowd a website selling a lot of American Brands and for reasonable prices. 

I tried hard to resist but I only got three quarters of the way through her video before I'd placed an order. 

It's free delivery over £20 as well. (Tip follow them on Twitter before you place an order - They might send you a discount. I didn't follow them till after my order had arrived. They might not but worth a try) 

What did I get:
Jordana - Fabuliner Bold Felt tip Liquid Eyeliner - £3.95 I haven't worn this out yet but It seems to go on easily. It is a pretty thick line and from the swatches I've done dries a dark black colour.

Jordana - Mascara 03 Brown - £2.95 The packaging on this is very basic and dare I say old fashioned rather than retro. It's a basic brown mascara. the wand looks fairly traditional and it passes the sniff test. It doesn't smell. Again I haven't tried this for a full day out but my initial swatch on my lashes I find it looks like a nice natural look. It seems more  that volumising than lengthening.

Jordana - Modern Matte Lipstick 04 Matte Tease - £3.50 I'm really not sure about this one. Again I haven't given it a chance. I'm not sure the colour works for me but it might once we get to summer. The formula is quite thick and takes a bit of effort to apply. I don't mean you need both hands and a friend but it doesn't glide on like some products. It smells amazing, I'm not sure what the smell is. Cake, vanilla. It's a sweet smell and I like it. 

Milani - Total Lash Cover Mascara with 3 zone cover 105 Black  - £6.00 I have to say this was the most exciting product for me. It's in what I'd class as real American packaging. What I mean by that is the wand isn't in the tube already. Small things but this excited me greatly. The wand is fascinating. I couldn't get a clear picture of it but I think I did post one to instagram. I haven't tried this at all as I can't get into the tube. I need to ask my dad if he can use his dad powers to unscrew the lid. 

Milani - 42 Femme Rose - £5.00 This is a beautiful brick rose colour and is a similar consistency to the Jordana in how it applies but for me it does go on a little bit easier. It's a great everyday colour and I've worn this to work a couple if times. The only thing I don't like about it is the smell, I hold my hands up I'm fussy and this lipstick smells and tastes like watermelon. It doesn't last long but until the smell wears off it makes me feel a bit sicky (one too many bacardi breezers in the late 90s) . It's not enough to stop me wearing it but I don't think I'll be buying any more (I might) 

I was also really impressed with the speed of delivery. I ordered at 7.30pm On Thursday 7th May and it arrived on Monday 11th May. 

I will be using them again and I'm looking forward to trying all of these out properly 

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  1. a lovely haul I have heard awesome things about beauty crowd x


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