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Friday, May 01, 2015

I've been watching Re-hauls on YouTube and I'm really into them and thought I would try and do a couple myself. I'm not sure how well they will translate to blog posts but lets give them ago.

If you don't know what a re-haul is I will try and explain. The idea is to go back to a previous haul and discuss the products again now a period of time has passed.

I think for my blog I can cover fashion and beauty items. It could be things like do you still own these items, how much use did you get out of the item, if it's still available would you recommend people buy them. Stuff like that.

NYC Applelicious Balm

I saw these after Sera McDaid  posted about them and ended up buying three out of the four shades.

  • NYC Applelicious Balm Caramel Apple
  • NYC Applelicious Balm Applelicious Pink
  • NYC Applelicious Balm Big Apple Red
I decided three was more than enough and didn't buy NYC Applelicious Balm Blushing Golden, I did say in that post I was going to buy it but I have never got round to it. I can't find these on superdrug's website anymore but there is a picture of them but when you click through it says no products available. 

When I got these at first I used them quite a bit and Big Red Apple is my favourite, they smell really nice (very appley suprisingly enough) and don't dry out my lips. The colour is subtle but noticeable. The pink one is the most pigmented but my least favourite of them all. 

I don't reach for these very often any more and I really don't know why as I do like them, I've had them in my make up cycle over the last fortnight and I think these will be staying in the rotation.

I've put them in my make up bag and I'm going to see how often I reach for them.

I have to say I'm loving these again. The Big Red Apple is my favourite and I call tell my tastes have changed as I remember not liking the look of Caramel Apple but When I've worn this over the past few day I have really like it.

They are not super long lasting or highly pigmented but as lip balms they do a pretty good job.

I purposly put these in my make up 18th - 24th April and I'm going to see how many times I read for them, I know this will be a little unfair as I'm wanting to try them again but we'll see as the week goes on how often I reach for them and if they make it two weeks running,

Saturday: None
Sunday: Caramel apple used 3 / 4 times
Monday: Big Red Apple used 4/5 times
Tuesday: Aplelicious Pink used 3/4 times
Wednesday:Caramel apple used 3 / 4 times
Thursday: Big Red Apple used 4/5 times
Friday: Caramel apple used 3 / 4 times

I am keeping the Caramel and Big Red in rotation, the pink really isn't for me. On the second week of using these I only picked up the red one and really missed the caramel one. I think for the next few weeks at least they will be used quite a bit.

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