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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I finally found the Kelly Brook range in Simply Be in Bury, I'm not the biggest fan of KB but taking that aside I liked the look of some of the items so decided to give them a try.

I love the colours in this jumpsuit but there are so many things I'd change I couldn't justify the cost. I don't like that it has elasticated cuffs round the ankles, I don't like the neckline at the front (A V to mirror the back would have been much more to my taste), the fabric would need ironing so that is another bad point for me and finally the sizing. This is the 22 and I felt like if I moved It'd rip. I tried on 2 size 24s which were both smaller than this one.

 I love the print and the V at the back and that it has pockets but for me it's a no

The next dress I tried was pink and spotty, two of my favourite things, sadly this was also a bust for me.

This dress made me feel so crap about myself, I almost cried. This seems to be more and more a feature of my recent trips to SB. The fabric is really thick but I wouldn't say it's scuba, it was uncomfortable and while it was thick it shows every lump and bump.

On the hanger it looked like it would drape well but you can see the lines of my bra and excessive VBO.

I normally have no issues with a bit if VBO and feel quite happy in body con dresses, there was something about this dress that I didn't like on me.

I think this is a size 24 or 26 and while I know the size label shouldn't matter it made me feel bad. 

Another things that I didn't like was that it looks like there are dots missing, I'm not sure if you can see on the picture below. There are none missing. I spent 5 mins chasing round to check. 

 I've saved my favourite to the end, back to the same print and a beautifully shaped dress. I like the shape it gives me at the back.

Looking at these pictures it looks a lot nice that I remember it looking in real life. I felt despite the lining it gave me more VBO than I like. I didn't like the length but I like it in these pictures.

I feel really torn about this one now. It was very thick and I think it would be very warm but  I am going to keep my eye out for it being reduced.

I wasn't keen on anything else in the collection but with some tweaks there are things I would but but sadly not at full price. 

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  1. The playsuit & dress pattern is so beautiful! I agree, I'd keep an eye out for it to be reduced. I'm not really one to pay full price unless I have to :D x

  2. Same here, if it doesn't go into the sale in my size it's clearly not meant to be!! I will watch out for them being reduced x


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