Beauty Crowd Haul - Milani and Absolute New York

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

In May I did my first Beauty Crowd order and I was really impressed with everything  got and wished I'd bought more.

I keep stalking the website and i'd noticed a few of the things I wanted were out of stock so I decided to take the plunge and order a couple of things from my wish list and a a couple of other things that I liked the look of.

Milani Blush

Oh you American YouTubers you, teasing me with the Milani rose blushes
they retail in the US for $8 which is about £5 and I paid £8 each, It does bug me a little bit that there is a direct switch from Dollars to Pounds but it's cheaper than a flight to the US.

Milani Rose Powder Blush - Tea Rose and Coral Cove
Milani Illuminating Face Powder - Hermosa Rose

It seems such a shame to use these as they are so beautiful, I have used the Tea Rose a couple of times and I'm really enjoying it. For me as a rare (scared) blusher wearer I need to be light with it. 

Milani Lipstick

In my last post I said I didn't like the scent of the Milani lipstick I'd got as it was Watermelon flavour and I wasn't planning ton buying any more well look what happened. 

On first sniff it smells of vanilla which is how I remember the other one smelling but this one tastes of vanilla as well and I'm so happy I tried another one. 

Milani Colour Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick - Matte Passion

Excuse the rest of my face but as I tried this one on I thought I'd share. It's a lovely shade, very bright but I think I will wear it on nights out.

Absolute New York Lip Crayons 

This isn't a brad I've heard of before but I have a bit of an obsession with lip crayons. I have a lot of differnt brands and when I spotted this set for £8 I decided it was worth a gamble.

 Absolute Lip Crayon Trio - Curvy Candy , Cherry, Strawberry


I haven't worn these out yet but the two brighter colours seem very bright, I will report back on these one I've had a chance to use them all. 

Giveaway -vevina

Saturday, June 20, 2015

A few weeks ago Vevina contacted me and asked if I'd like to try their any chaffing cream.

In summer I usually spend my time wearing cotton cycling shorts under my sundress' and constantly checking if the legs are poking out under the hem line or feelong hot and bothered.

I've tried this cream a few times now and it helps so much. I apply a generous amount to my inner thighs before I go out and I'm good for around 4 hours if not longer.

I've also been using this before I go to bed on nights when it's been warm and I've slept in shorts and I haven't woken up with that feeling of my legs being stuck together.

I've been offered 5 tubes to give away to 5 lucky people and before I set that up I wanted to test the cream out on holiday.

Day 1 - I put this on before going to the pool at about 11 and by 4pm (I didn't go in the pool) I was still chafe free.

Day 2 - At around 5pm we got the bus to the capital city to do some retail therapy. I applied the cream before we went and my 8pm it was still good. It was very warm and it's quite a walk from he bus station to the shops so I was impressed. I really like wearing skirts and dresses and this is going to we a life saver this holiday.

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Empties - June 2015 (Mid-Month)

Friday, June 19, 2015

This is a little early as I'm on holiday but my empties stash was still quite full.

Eye patches- I got these in a beauty box and I don't feel like I suffer eye bags so put off using them but as I got a second set and my holiday was coming up. I thought why not.  

I did like this once I got used to the sensation of having something stuck to my face. I wasn't like a pore strip stuck but it felt cooling and I will use the other one. 
Lush - karma kooma shampoo and lush (can't remember the flavour conditioner)

Shampoo is amazing I'm not needing to use a conditioner as much and  it make make hair feel like it has some volume.

Conditioner -hmm not keen. I don't feel like it helps me very much

John Friday hair dye

This is a mouse and it works quite well. We did a kind of root treatment as we find it works better if left a little bit .
Balance me face wash - this is pat of my use 8 by bonfire and I didn't think I've got through it and I really didn'tthink I would.  This smelt too natural for me and burnt my nostrils!

It's a shame as I really rate the moisturer
Clinique serum - I used this as a primer and it was fantastic I really want tobuy the full size version

Nspa shower gel and bath we got this from asda for £2 it smells if the sea and I want to buy more. We but haven't seen it since  ( I don't get to an asda very often)
Ogx shampoo and conditionervous.  - AMAZING . I got the shampoo in a beauty box and I'm one of those people who like matching products   after seeing Ogx in a few youtube empties I dicicde to bite to bullet and get the conditioner from boots and once pay day comes around I'll be buying the full size. The shampoo is a mix of a clear gel and a cream formual.  It's not quite either which really works well for me.  Even though I've been conditioning less this has worked well for me


Lush Haul

Thursday, June 18, 2015

I'm really loving lush at the moment. I can't seem to walk pat one without popping in. 

I do usually manage to restrain myself but every now and again I will have a little splurge. 

It's the bubble bars that have sulked me in. I like that they are so easy to split and I feel like they are better value. 

Creamy Candy

This is very reminiscent of the snow fairy range that comes out at Christmas time. It's very sweet which I love and a small amount went a long way. 

Rose Jam

This is my new favourite. It's turkish delight smell is amazing and u used to hate rose scented things as soon as I smelt this it had to be mine.  

This is the second one I've had and I noticed my empties box still smells like the first one. 

Ickle baby bot

Another repurchase from me. I like this one as it's the small size and only £1.99.

It's aimed at children but it's the perfect bedtime bath for grown ups as well.

The comforter

I haven't tried this one yet. But I've heard great things. My sense of tells /  like of flavours has changed recently and I remebered smelling this a while ago and not liking it but when I was in lush last it really appealed to me.

Sadly we only have hot water when it's cold as our boiler can't cope with hot water only but I'm hoping to use a couple of these when I come back off holiday.  

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Lanzarote 2015 - Shoes

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How many pairs of shoes do you need for a two week holiday to Lanzarote?  The answer seems to be 11.

I couldn't pack the case as my hand was too sore but as I was unpacking  (one handed still) I extracted a larger number of pairs. 3 are officially mine but we will be sharing them all!

Top row 

Purple flip flops -primark.
Tan sandals - sainsburys
White sandals -berska These are mine!
White sandals - BHS
Black sandals - Primark

Bottom row

Blue flip flops - Protest (gifted last year and still going strong but aren't going to last much longer)
Mint green Sandals - River Island
silver sandals - next
Rose gold sandals - tesco
Blue sandals - Nine West
Black Sketchers - spots direct. These are mine as well.

On night one I wore the rose gold ones from tesco and the were very comfy.

I'm sure we'll be coming home with a few more pairs we're off to Aricife later to do a spot of shopping.

I'll let you all know what we come home with!  


Weekly Beauty Basket - June 2015 Week 3

Monday, June 15, 2015

I'm still really enjoying mixing up my make up and I've been doing it pretty much every week but I'm still not got into a groove with these posts and I can't seem to get into work out when I should post them. My idea was to switch out my make up fortnightly and post fortnightly but as I've been remembering to switch things out and I've finally decided less is more to carry round and I think that's why I've been happy to switch things out weekly. 


Sad times my Laura Mercier primer has run out and I've gone back to the Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish - I'm not overly struck on this, it's very thick and white. It's almost a moisturiser but not quite. I've only used it a couple of times as the Laura Mercier lasted till mid week but I didn't get a picture for this post. The Laura Mercier is my all time favourite but I can't justify the price of it at the moment. 

I'm not struck on this one but I'm going to perceiver with the rimmel as I did love the fix and perfect primer. 


Maybelline Dream Flawless nude Foundation - I think I got this in natural beige and I'm not convinced it's the right colour for me but it was the closest match. I'm still on the fence with this product. I do like the product but only if I can work quickly as it seems to set really quickly. The applicator is a dropper but I find if I put it on the back of my hand it dries too quickly before I apply it to the face so I tend to wipe the dropper over my face and use a beauty blender. I also like the liquid to powder finish with it as well.

Maybelline Eye Eraser, Nude - This will feature time and again as it's in my use 8 by Bonfire night project I'm doing. I really like this, I find it works well concealing under my eyes and I will buy this again. I do have the lighter version as well but I haven't used it yet but I think the nude is the colour for me.

Collection concealer, 03 Warm Medium -  This is on it's last legs bless it, it's a really great concealer for covering blemishes and I would buy it again.

Essence Stay all day - I've fallen back in love with this, I have so many powders at the moment and I'm not enjoying them but this one is fantastic.


Milani Rose Blush , Tea Rose - This is beautiful, it's quite well pigmented and I feel like i'm a bit heavy handed with it but both times I've used it I've said ooo I like that!

Lip Products

MUA Lip Crayon - I dug this out on the back of my MUA Re-haul and I'm not keen on it. I thin I only wore it once and that was because I was forcing myself to wear it. I think I will be getting rid of this one. That is one of the good things about these re-hauls and beauty baskets, it gets me reaching for different products and getting rid of things that don't work for me.

Natural Collection, Raspberry - This is such a pretty shade but the bullet snapped from the tube after one use! OK it only cost £1.99 (less it one buy one get one half price) but it would have been nice for it not to break. I love the colour, the texture and it stays on me fairly well. I like it so much I've bought myself a new lip brush!  

Jordana, Modern Matte in Tease - I love this so much, it was £3.50 from Beauty crowd and I want every colour. On the first application it feels hard to apply but a second swipe and it goes on a lot smoother. I really like the colour on me but in certain lights it looks different colours but over all I really enjoy wearing it.

Eye Products

MUA Matte Pallet - Another product from my re-haul and I'm not loving it. The pigmentation isn't brilliant. I think I will keep it as I do like some of the shades.

Maybelline Brow Drama - I've talked about this a million times. I really enjoy using this product, I find that it keep my eyebrows in check now that I've got used to the wand. 

HD Brows - I've dug this out from the back of the drawer and I'm liking using this again. there are 3 colours and I always used to use the medium colour but for work I've been using the lightest shade and think it works really well on me. 

Natural Collection, Mink / Sabel - I picked this up when I got the lipstick shown above as I couldn't see anything else I fancied but I do like this as a base and all over shadow. 

Essence, eyeliner - This is is also in my use 8 by bonfire night and I've used this every time I've woen make up and I'm going to be sad when it's used up but it'll be a satisfying feeling to know I've used up a full product. 

W7, brow twister - I'm not a massive fan of this as it's the wrong colour for me. I also find it quite hard. 

Maybelline Mascara, Black/Brown - I like the product but the wand is really odd as it's very flexible and moves a lot. It's new to me so I need more time to get a true evaluation of it. 

Milani Mascra, Black - I have mixed feelings about this. The wand is amazing it has three types of bristles, the formula is very black but I find it flakes on me. 

Benefit - I don't know the real name for this but it's a cream eye shadow and I use it as a base. I really like it and I'm including it in the use 8 by bonfire night. 


Mirror - The flowery round thing! This came in a set at Christmas. It's quite a generous size and I like it

Real Techniques Beauty Blender - I have two of these and I like them but I don't think they are the best. I want to try something else but I don't know what to buy.

QVS Brushes, Powder brush, Eyeshadow brush and Comb - I love these little brushes. They are really compact and I like the quality. I'm taking them on holiday.

Techniques double ended eye brush - This is amazing. I got it from TJ Hughes and it was about £2 One end is quite stubby and is a great crease brush the other end is eye brow / eye liner.

Real Techniques Eyebrow brush - This has to be one of my best brushes. Love it.

The rest - A mix of essence, wilkos and unknow. Nothing special about any of them but I do quite like using them.

50 Books in 2015

Book Review: Secrets of the River - Jess McGlynn

Saturday, June 13, 2015

This is the début novel from Jess McGlynn and she kindly send me a Kindle copy of the book to read & review.

Isabelle escapes to France to stay with her sister after a trauma at home, she soon gets caught up in village life and it seems like everyone has their own secrets.

What did you like about the book? 
i really Enjoyed the pace and  the element of mystery,  it really did keep you guessing all the way through to the end of the book. 

Who was your favourite character in the book?  
Eric Isabelle's brother in law. He really caution my attention as he was initially described as quite a tough business man who was to busy for his family but as you got into the book he came across as a really go guy.  He was there to listen to Isabelle he gave her good advice and he knows everything that is going on in the village.

Did the characters feel real? 
A bit of a mix on this,  i kept finding myself confused by some  of the descriptions, the really weren't how i pictured them.  For example a good way isabelles hair colour is mentioned and i was really surprised and had to go back to the beginning to see if she had been described as a brunette (she had!) 
Another character was described as tall and stocky or similar and i see stock as short and a little tubby,so i couldn't form a picture in my mind. 

Did the story keep you guessing?  

what was your favourite parts of the book?  
Isabelle being drunk in Hugo's kitchen was one of my favourite parts of the book. At this point I thought this would make a great TV series. 

Did the story grip you? 
It really did, i read it in a couple of days

Mention anything you  didn't like 
I hate this part of any review but it's a necessary evil. 

There are a few bits that i didn't like about the book and i think another round of editing could sort out some of my issues.  I know these things could just be me but i just want to mention them. 

The were two users of the term "nine to the dozen" both times referring to someone talking quickly. The term should be nineteen to the dozen,  nine to the dozen would be talking slower than average rather than quicker. 

Another  thing that didn't sit right is the names of the French people,  i struggled to say the French version of the name and when they reappeared later in the book i had no ideas who they were and kept thinking of them as English relatives of Isabelle.  For example Richard, he's French so his name would be pronounced RecArd not rich-ard. I just think it would have been better to give them more French sounding names. I know some people would say no to that as it might be cliché but that's my personal preference. 

I'm not sure if some chapters has been cut or edited down as ì felt it skipped a big chunk and i had to go back and reread and was still confused for a good while,  this could have been me misreading it but it seemed to moved ahead really quickly at one point.  

What did you think of the ending? 
Without giving anything away, I think the ending was pretty much as I'd predicted which isn't a bad thing as it can be good to know you were thinking along the same lines as the author. 

Was the story interesting? 
Yes, it was really well written, as I've mentioned there are a couple of points which are confusing as things seem to skip and there are a lot of characters and some f them I'd like to know more about them and would be happy to read more books with the other character's stories. 

Round Up

This would be a great holiday read and I've left it on the kindle to potentially read again while I'm away. 

I really liked the way the book kept us guessing. There was an interesting mix of characters and as you started to get sucked into a story it changed and made you want to read on to get back to where you left the last person. 

I read this book in 4 bus journeys which is about 4 hours or just under, which is quite quick for me and

What would you change? 
Other than the use of "nine to the dozen" I'd have liked to include some flash back chapters for Isabelle and maybe Hugo to keep up the mystery and  give us a bit more to their back stories. 

Who would this book appeal to?
This book would sit in the chick lit genre and while there is love and romance it's not the main focus of the book, there is mystery and everyone has a secret or three. I think if you like Jenny Colgan, Milly Johnson books this would appeal to you. 

Would you recommend this book to others? 
Yes, I already have. It's currently £1.99 on Amazon

Rating out of 5
 4 - It was a really good read, a few things I'd change to make it a perfect 5 but I really think Jess has a promising future and I will be looking out for her next book. 


Mini Essence Haul - In Superdrug!!!

Friday, June 12, 2015

I got slightly over excited a couple of weeks ago when I was in Keithley and spotted an Essence stand through the window of Superdrug. 

Essence is a brand I love and while it is easy for me to get hold of in Manchester with the Essence concession in the Arndale and the stand in Wilko's it's nice that I could collect reward points. 

I don't know which branches it's in but I was one happy bunny. I love that Essence changes it's ranges frequently and has little one off collections but I don't feel like the Manchester Concession gets these or too much as they seem to have had the same display for months. 

Superdrug had the Brit-tea range which is a really pretty spring inspired trend edition  

I decided to get a lip balm, nail polish and double ended brush. 

Have a Beau-Tea-Full Day

This is a really pretty mint green colour and I really love this colour. It will go with a lot of the clothes I've bought recently and I just love it. 

I am a little disappointed with this, it has a traditional rounded brush and all the other essence polishes i've had recently have more of a flat brush which I find easier to apply. 

I tried this with a base coat but no top coat and it chipped quite quickly but I'm going to try it again with a top coat and see how I get on

01 Vanilla Ice- T Lip Balm

I haven't used this as yet but the cuteness of the box sold this to me, It would be great to include as a gift for someone, I've  used a few essesnce lip balm sticks before and really liked them so I have high hopes for this one

01 Keep Calm & have some tea 

Another slight disappointment on this one and I haven't used it yet. When I got back home one of the ends had fallen off. This at least means I can stand it up without ruining one end but just worried that the other end will fall off.

It's a very cute range and there are a couple of other things I've got my eye on but after a couple of disappointments I'm not in a rush to grab them, sadly.

I am excited to find and Essence stand on holiday as they always seems to have a lot of the special editions in the Canaries.


What's in my hand luggage

Thursday, June 11, 2015

I always try to pack light with my hand luggage but I know by the time I get on the plane I'll be weighed down. 

Either with things I've bought at the ive airport or random crap I've added before I've left home or both.

I haven't  decided which bag I'm using yet but I'm thinking my primark bag for life which will also become beach bag.  Along with a small hang bag.

This post is just covering my essential items.

Passport - I've got a leather passort cover from hotter to represent this as can't trust myself to take it from its safe place.

Kindle - I much prefer real books but as I read a lot on holiday this is a must and it has over 500 books on it (my mum downloaded loads of free ones when it was hers )

Camera - hoping to figure out how to use my new camera properly while I'm away but might pack my point and shoot for nights out

Clear bag- I think this one is too big but I've been using it for years so will try it again

Purse - I love this purse. I got it from berska in tenerife last year. It needs mucking out but it's handy for  holidays

Lip balm - I never wear makeup to travel but like to have a lip balm for on the plane. I want one with spf in but none of mine do. Will pick one up soon.

Mitcham - just to feel refreshed.  I'm a stress head at the airport so will use this a couple of times

Notebook and pen - always a blogger.  I link to jot ideas and almost diaries my holidays

Lip gloss / lipstick - these may well get packed in my case but I do usually keep a couple with me.

Hair bobbles - as a stress head I need my hair up so I keep a few bits with me.

What do you take in your hand luggage?


Emma's Apothecary Haul

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

When ever I go to Skipton I always go into Emma's Apothecary which is a cute little retro gift shop that sells a wide range of products from beauty, home, stationery and other things. 

Hand Made Soap - This is a multi pack of off cuts which I got as I wanted to try different soaps without committing to a full size bar. 

Stickers - Stickers are one of my biggest vices. I buy them and never use them as I don't want to waste them!

I've just realised the initials are just card not stickers.

Bath Bombs - I'm 99% sure these are bomb cosmetics, they are my favourites and I'm trying to buy a couple every time I go to build up my stash!


#BlogOnMOSI - May 2015

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I realise that I’m much more of a blogger than I realise, I don’t mean a “big” blogger, well know or well respected. But I know more than I think I know. I’m more established than I give myself credit for and while I am happy in my place as a hobby blogger I am a blogger and I’m proud of myself and my blog

I spent time with some amazing people who I like to call friends even if they wouldn't say it back.

YouTube – I found this hard as we had a table behind us who clearly didn't want to be there and talked all the way through and I heard barely anything. It’s only been in the past 12 months that I’ve gotten the Youtube bug and before I couldn’t even watch it but now I have a full list of subscriptions and watch it more than TV. This year I have published 2 youtube videos but they have been silent movies where I haven’t spoken. In the past monthI have recorded and edited my first video where I speak and it went live 5th June

Photography – it wasn’t what I was expecting. We had an interesting presentation by Jenny and then we went on a walk about. I knew this was coming but I wasn’t expecting to be let loose. I thought it would be more formal and have a professional photographer with us as we walked round but we were left alone, we were told we could tweet picture and I’ve since found out we could add pictures to a linky for a competition but I didn’t hear any of this in the presentation and don’t feel like I got anything from this session. Last year was more structured and had 3 options and I would have benefited more from last year’s set up as I have a new camera and I have no Idea how to use it. I don’t feel like I learned anything and I’m really not happy with the pictures I took and didn’t get any interaction from the session

Back to Basic Blogging – This session for me was the wrong one. I had an email chat with someone who was organising the sessions and we agreed the basics one was the one for me. I walked in and 5 people said what are you doing here! I should have taken me cue to leave but I lacked the confidence to say hey I need the advanced session and stayed. I feel this session was geared to people who hasn’t yet set up a blog which IMO was pointless as we were at a blogging conference so I’d have expected everyone to have at least started a blog. Of course I did pick up some things but I feel I got more from speak to people than from the actual session.

Niche – Fashion and Beauty – This was by far my favourite session. It was very intimate as there were about 10 of us and it was much more a conversation. I don’t think I learned anything but it was a chance to connect with local bloggers in my area of interest and boosted my confidence

Brands - Throughout the day we were able to interact with brands in the central area, this was really relaxed and some of the stands were interactive where you could try products, see the products and chat with them as well as them providing extra goodie.

Final Keynote– I really enjoyed blog on and while it isn’t a parent blogger conference I feel like as a parent blogger I felt very much on the periphery. This was drummed into my by the closing keynote and I felt like it was inferred if you weren’t a parent blogger then forget it. This knocked me back a bit and I felt like while everything was built to say “WE ARE NOT A PARENT BLOGGER CONFERENCE” that hey well you don’t really matter, I have no desire or intention to ever be a parent. I think this for me spoilt the tone of the day and has really set me back a bit.

Over all – I have a fab day and was great to connect with so many people and the twitter conversation we had going through the day made me feel connected and I chat regularly with some of the people I connected with on the day. I have really mixed feelings yes I loved it but I the closing keynote left quite a sour taste for me and spoilt what was a really lovely day.


May 2015 - Empties

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Empties time again, it come round so fast and it surprises me every month how much I get through. 

Yes I am making and effort to used things up but still maybe I am more high maintenance than I think?

Look at it all! I was really shocked when I took the box out of the wardrobe and see all of this! 

Make up / Beauty / Hair

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - I love this stuff, It's the second one I've used up and I'm so torn as I want to buy the full size but I can't bring myself to spend £30 on it. The ones I've had have come in beauty boxes so bargains really. 
I have a couple of other primers to use up but I'm crossing my fingers I can get another one of these in a beauty box. 

Look Ooomph Lashes - Black Brown mascara, this was a real disappointment. I did get this in a discount beauty shop but it was sealed and the tester seemed like a really nice formula but mine was really dry, flaky and  I don't think I got more than a weeks use out of this.

Essence Quick and Easy Sponge nail polish remover - This has been used to death and I think it might have a couple more uses left in it but the sponge is starting to break up a bit. I've had it for about a year and a half as a PR sample but I will be repurchasing it. It has a really nice smell and works well at removing the nail polish.

Johnson's Cotton Buds - I thinks these are by far the best. I've bough other brands countless times and I've currently got a huge tub of another brands but after using a handful I went and bought this tub. 

Mitchum 48 hour  - I've said in previous empties I'm not fussy about roll ons and I'm not loyal to one brand but if you look back at the past few empties posts it's mitchum that I keep buying and I have 2 more of them on the go so I clearly do really like them.

Tesco Pro Formula Satin wild berry shave gel  - Great formula, horrible smell (artificial/ plasticy) it's taken me over a year to finish as I keep using my dad's instead of this. 

Lush Rose Jam Bubbleroon  - I really need to re-evaluate my hatred for the rose scented things as recently I'm loving it. This is so strong and my empties box still smells of it (it's about a week since I took the pictures and threw them out) 

Would I re-purchase yes, I already have. This is fab as it comes in two halves and no mess to split up 

Garnier Micellar water wipes - I do like these a lot and I feel like they do get rid of most of my make up but i'm really starting to dislike the feel of the wipe itself. I don't know what it is about it.

Superdrug Facial Wipes - Nothing special but handy to have and I think they are pretty cheap as well. 

Moroccanoil hair mask -  This came in a beauty box and when I wrote about it I remember thinking this would be a faff as the instructions say to towel dry your hair and leave in for 20 mins or so and I felt like I couldn't be bothered but the smell of this is amazing so I decided to try it and I washed my hair, put this in and left it as long as I could be bothered and it was great but I felt like i needed to use a lot of product and this only lasted about 5/6 applications

Girlz Only Dry Shampoo - Right off the bat I hate the name, I bought it as it was the cheapest one they had for an emergency shampoo situation! This worked ok, I have another one in a different scent and I can never decide which one worked better. I don't think I'll be buying it again but it was aright.

Batiste Blush  - I quite liked this one, did the job and I think Batiste is something I will always repurchase. I can never remember which ones I like best and there are so many I tend to buy what ever is on offer!

Aussie Dry Shampoo - I've seen mixed reviews on this and my own verdict is mixed. Some times it worked great other times, it had no effect. It didn't matter the state of the hair it just seemed to do its own thing. On the great days it was the best thing ever then the next time I wish I hadn't wasted my money. I don't know if i will buy it again

Toni & Guy Glamour hair spray - Love Love Love this, I don't use hair spray often but this has to be one of the best I've used. I'm really sad this is all used up.

Schwarzkopf Colour Mask 400 - I got this as an emergency colour as I was feeling a bit rooty! It worked well. But I feel like it had faded pretty quickly.

My Next empties will be a holidays empties!!!