BEDJ #1 what's in a name

Monday, June 01, 2015

I've just spotted Lisa has posted a blog every day in June challenge and I'm going to have a go. I can't promise every day but here goes day 1
What is in a name?
My blog has been called seeing spots for  a couple of years and I choose the name after several attempts to find a new name. My previous blog name was a bit if an in joke and made me look like an Oasis fan (i like some of the old stuff)
While trying to decide on a new name I was looking through some old posts to share with someone and I noticed every time I'd worn something with dots / spots I'd titled the posts seeing spots ....
I like it, at first I felt pressure on myself to wear spots a lots and on one occasion another blogger thought I'd chosen the name as I have bad skin (cheers doll!)
I'm not sure the name is fitting anymore but I'm not ready to change it just yet

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