#BlogOnMOSI - May 2015

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I realise that I’m much more of a blogger than I realise, I don’t mean a “big” blogger, well know or well respected. But I know more than I think I know. I’m more established than I give myself credit for and while I am happy in my place as a hobby blogger I am a blogger and I’m proud of myself and my blog

I spent time with some amazing people who I like to call friends even if they wouldn't say it back.

YouTube – I found this hard as we had a table behind us who clearly didn't want to be there and talked all the way through and I heard barely anything. It’s only been in the past 12 months that I’ve gotten the Youtube bug and before I couldn’t even watch it but now I have a full list of subscriptions and watch it more than TV. This year I have published 2 youtube videos but they have been silent movies where I haven’t spoken. In the past monthI have recorded and edited my first video where I speak and it went live 5th June

Photography – it wasn’t what I was expecting. We had an interesting presentation by Jenny and then we went on a walk about. I knew this was coming but I wasn’t expecting to be let loose. I thought it would be more formal and have a professional photographer with us as we walked round but we were left alone, we were told we could tweet picture and I’ve since found out we could add pictures to a linky for a competition but I didn’t hear any of this in the presentation and don’t feel like I got anything from this session. Last year was more structured and had 3 options and I would have benefited more from last year’s set up as I have a new camera and I have no Idea how to use it. I don’t feel like I learned anything and I’m really not happy with the pictures I took and didn’t get any interaction from the session

Back to Basic Blogging – This session for me was the wrong one. I had an email chat with someone who was organising the sessions and we agreed the basics one was the one for me. I walked in and 5 people said what are you doing here! I should have taken me cue to leave but I lacked the confidence to say hey I need the advanced session and stayed. I feel this session was geared to people who hasn’t yet set up a blog which IMO was pointless as we were at a blogging conference so I’d have expected everyone to have at least started a blog. Of course I did pick up some things but I feel I got more from speak to people than from the actual session.

Niche – Fashion and Beauty – This was by far my favourite session. It was very intimate as there were about 10 of us and it was much more a conversation. I don’t think I learned anything but it was a chance to connect with local bloggers in my area of interest and boosted my confidence

Brands - Throughout the day we were able to interact with brands in the central area, this was really relaxed and some of the stands were interactive where you could try products, see the products and chat with them as well as them providing extra goodie.

Final Keynote– I really enjoyed blog on and while it isn’t a parent blogger conference I feel like as a parent blogger I felt very much on the periphery. This was drummed into my by the closing keynote and I felt like it was inferred if you weren’t a parent blogger then forget it. This knocked me back a bit and I felt like while everything was built to say “WE ARE NOT A PARENT BLOGGER CONFERENCE” that hey well you don’t really matter, I have no desire or intention to ever be a parent. I think this for me spoilt the tone of the day and has really set me back a bit.

Over all – I have a fab day and was great to connect with so many people and the twitter conversation we had going through the day made me feel connected and I chat regularly with some of the people I connected with on the day. I have really mixed feelings yes I loved it but I the closing keynote left quite a sour taste for me and spoilt what was a really lovely day.

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