Empties - June 2015 (Mid-Month)

Friday, June 19, 2015

This is a little early as I'm on holiday but my empties stash was still quite full.

Eye patches- I got these in a beauty box and I don't feel like I suffer eye bags so put off using them but as I got a second set and my holiday was coming up. I thought why not.  

I did like this once I got used to the sensation of having something stuck to my face. I wasn't like a pore strip stuck but it felt cooling and I will use the other one. 
Lush - karma kooma shampoo and lush (can't remember the flavour conditioner)

Shampoo is amazing I'm not needing to use a conditioner as much and  it make make hair feel like it has some volume.

Conditioner -hmm not keen. I don't feel like it helps me very much

John Friday hair dye

This is a mouse and it works quite well. We did a kind of root treatment as we find it works better if left a little bit .
Balance me face wash - this is pat of my use 8 by bonfire and I didn't think I've got through it and I really didn'tthink I would.  This smelt too natural for me and burnt my nostrils!

It's a shame as I really rate the moisturer
Clinique serum - I used this as a primer and it was fantastic I really want tobuy the full size version

Nspa shower gel and bath we got this from asda for £2 it smells if the sea and I want to buy more. We but haven't seen it since  ( I don't get to an asda very often)
Ogx shampoo and conditionervous.  - AMAZING . I got the shampoo in a beauty box and I'm one of those people who like matching products   after seeing Ogx in a few youtube empties I dicicde to bite to bullet and get the conditioner from boots and once pay day comes around I'll be buying the full size. The shampoo is a mix of a clear gel and a cream formual.  It's not quite either which really works well for me.  Even though I've been conditioning less this has worked well for me

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