Favourites - May 2015

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Hair products 

Lush Karma Komba Shampoo Bar, I'm still really into bar shampoos and I picked this up as I've more or less used up the Jumping Juniper and wanted to try something different. I find that I don't need to use conditioner apart from a treatment once a week.

Make Up
Essence brown eye liner, I've become a bit addicted to this and I'm using it every day. It's a really dark brown and it on my upper lash line and smudge it along my lower lash line.

American brands via beauty crowd, I discover this website from +Leah XL Channel on YouTube. It's the people behind ELF (RIP). They have lots of American drug store brands for reasonable prices. I did a whole post about them if you want to know more. I've already placed a second order and both orders arrived really quickly. Super impressed with the service.

Side note, I watched a video form +leighannsays where she was wearing a Jordana lipstick and I did my usual oh I wish I could get that here and when I checked it was one of the lip products I had bought.

Beauty Products
Garnier gel night cream, I've never been one for different moisturiser for different times of day but saw this on Miss Budget Beauty channel and decdided to try it. I love it. I've never had anything with this consistency it's jelly like and smells amazing my skin feels so nice and it's still feels lovely in the morning. As a bit of a test I didn't put any more moisturiser on the next day and even my tea time my skin felt nice. I've already re-purchased a back up as it was on offer somewhere (Tesco?)

Lush Bubble bars - Because the weather has still been cold we've been having the heating on which means we have hot water (we have an odd boiler and if we set it for hot water only the heating still comes on so we survive on showers and cold water in summer) (yay for an electric shower) This smells amazing and I secretly hoping for some more baths this summer.

QVS Brushes 

As part of my fortnightly / weekly make up rotation (I think I'm going to go back to call it make up basket - Does anyone have any thoughts on this?) I'm also trying to use different brushes and for a couple of weeks I keep reaching for the QVS brushes I got at Blog On MOSI. 

These are small sized so perfect for travel and are really nice brushes. These will be coming on my holiday with me. 

TV Show

Damaged Cathy Glass - This is a book with difficult themes and is quite a hard topic to read but I read this book in about a day.

 A bit of an odd choice but I walk past the Scientology centre in Manchester a few times a week and spotted this in their window and it makes me laugh and shake my head in the fact I bet Jonah didn't think it was just a big fish! I wouldn't mind but the illustration is a blumin whale!

Gone Girl Gillian Flynn - When I read this book I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but after I'd finished it I couldn't stop thinking about it and want to read it again.


Gone Girl  - I bought this on the back of reading the book and I really enjoyed it. I'm glad I'd read the book first but I've watched it 3 times already.

Food & Drink
In my note book this is the most filled in section and I have enjoyed lots of food and drink this month but keeping in mind I don't want to make everyone hungry or thirsty I want to keep to the highlights and May couldn't pass without my Birthday taking place.

I treated myself to this huge cake from Tesco and celebrated the day by myself (bliss) with a bottle of Co-op Cavá care of Blog On Mosi

Two events which are very much connected were Blog On MOSI pre-party at Hard Rock cafe which you can read about here

Then the day after was Blog On MOSI Proper, I still haven't blogged about this, I have notes in draft but it was such a full on day and then I had no blog energy for the whole of May (you can see that by my only posting 10 times for the whole of May)

The post will come soon I promise. 

Whit Friday - Saddleworth Band Contest. If you're not from the area or don't have any brass band knowledge this won't be for you but near me it's a tradition and usually a good day. Bands come from all around the world and they travel from village to village playing their music and there is a competition element. 

In my village they march up the high street and then play in the band stand, we had a nice night this year but it soon went cold and we de-camped to the pump near my house for wine. 

You Tuber

Marie from +bitsandclips I'm so happy she's back vlogging, she come across as such a lovely person and I really enjoy watching her videos.

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