Joyful June Blogger Gift Swap

Thursday, June 04, 2015

I've just received my joyful June parcel and wanted to share what I've received. 

Debz organised the swap amongst a group of ps bloggers and I've taken part in one may be two previously and they are a lovely thing to get to know new people and send a treat to someone.
The idea is debz will send you the name and address of someone taking part and you buy a gift for £10 it's not a direct swap as you don't buy for the person who is sending your gift.

My gift came from Kerry-Ann and she has sent me some lovely things.

Roundtrees Fruit Pastels - I'm a real sweet fiend and these were a lovely surprise and they have already been devoured!

Butterfly Print Scarf - I know my butterfly obsessed will be very jealous and I have a feeling she will be trying to take it off me. It is such a lovely combination of colours. I've already used it as background for some upcoming blog posts.

Rimmel Nail polish - this is such a nice shade of coral I can't wait to try it out (maybe tonight ) and I'm pretty sure it's the colour I'll be wearing on my toes for my upcoming holiday .
A book mark - there is a cute seal on the front and he is very cute. I'm going to be taking this on holiday as I read so many books. I'm currently using my mum's kindle and it made me want to pick up a paper book so I could use it.

A Postcard with a note from Kerry-Ann on the back, a little known fact about me (or maybe not) is that I used to collect postcards when i was at school and I still love them. I like to buy a couple for myself when I go somewhere new.

A big thank you to Kerry-Ann for my gifts and to debz for organising it

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  1. Love the scarf!

    C xx

  2. You received some lovely things! That scarf is so pretty. :)

  3. I was really spoilt, I'm really chuffed x

  4. It's very cute. I love the colours x


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