Lanzarote 2015- Swimwear

Monday, June 08, 2015

My holiday is a little over a week away and I'm trying to get my stuff sorted out and my first port of call was my bikini's. 

I'm not a fan of one peice swimming costumes and can't remember the last time i wore one on holiday. Bikini's have been my go to well before i discovered the amazing world of PS Blogging. 

Funnily enough i've only become concious of wearing them since becoming a ps blogger! 

I don't like the term fatkini because it's really just a bikini, i don't get why it needs another name!

I don't know how many of these i'm going to take with me but i want to have a decent choice and we are away for 2 weeks.

New Bikinis

Forever 21+
I can't find this on their website anymore but just spotted about 4 more that i like! I was drawn in by the colour and the print. What sold this to me was that it that the top doesn't have a fastener it's a solid band.

The bottoms are extra high waisted which i'm quite excited about but also worried about.

Size 3xl
Price : Approx £22

I tend to steer away from black swimwear, black in general but recently I'm wearing more and black so decided to try a black costume

Size: Top 40D Bottoms 20
Price: Approx £12


I was really unsure about this when I first saw it and I usually avoid pinks and reds as an over all colour as I do tend to go very pink but when I saw it had been reduced (and I think there was as 25% off sale - I could be wrong)

Size 22
Price: Approx £10

Old Bikinis 

I got this last year and I loved it, I think the bottoms are on the small size so I might just take the top and my plain bottoms 

Size 18 or 20


This is another of last years and I really like this one, Bandeau style tops are my favourite as I hate having strap marks. 

Single Tops

Top - Sainsburys (New) Size 20 £4 Sadly they didn't have any of the bottoms but I think they were more knicker shaped than high waisted / boy shorts style which I prefer. 

Bottom - Sainburys (Old) Size £20 - This is looking a bit old and sorry for itself but I'm not sure if i'm ready to part with it just yet, 

Single Bottoms 
Clockwise from Top Right 
Sainsburys Old (Still with tag ops) Navy with blue spots - I got these last year and didn't have a top to go with them and I really liked it and hoped I'd find a top but never did

ASOS Old Navy with Red Trim  (2 years old) These are the best bottoms I've had in a while, sadly the top cut my back as the clasp was too big and it's been thrown away long ago

Sainsbrys New £1.40 Size 22 Pink floral, The price sold these to me, as well as the print. I couldn't find a top that went but as my mum pointed out by Day 3 I'll be wearing the comfiest top and the comfiest bottoms regardless of if they match. 

ASOS Black and purple floral Old - I don't remember what happened to the top of this one but I really like the bottoms. ASOS do amazing bottoms but need more work on the tops. 

These all won't make it to my suitcase but these are all the bikini's I've got at the moment. I have my eye on one more which is from Sainsburys and has Lemons all over it but they never have my size in top and bottoms and It's got to be reduced soon as they've had it in for months

What swimwear will you be taking on holiday this year?

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