May 2015 - Empties

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Empties time again, it come round so fast and it surprises me every month how much I get through. 

Yes I am making and effort to used things up but still maybe I am more high maintenance than I think?

Look at it all! I was really shocked when I took the box out of the wardrobe and see all of this! 

Make up / Beauty / Hair

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - I love this stuff, It's the second one I've used up and I'm so torn as I want to buy the full size but I can't bring myself to spend £30 on it. The ones I've had have come in beauty boxes so bargains really. 
I have a couple of other primers to use up but I'm crossing my fingers I can get another one of these in a beauty box. 

Look Ooomph Lashes - Black Brown mascara, this was a real disappointment. I did get this in a discount beauty shop but it was sealed and the tester seemed like a really nice formula but mine was really dry, flaky and  I don't think I got more than a weeks use out of this.

Essence Quick and Easy Sponge nail polish remover - This has been used to death and I think it might have a couple more uses left in it but the sponge is starting to break up a bit. I've had it for about a year and a half as a PR sample but I will be repurchasing it. It has a really nice smell and works well at removing the nail polish.

Johnson's Cotton Buds - I thinks these are by far the best. I've bough other brands countless times and I've currently got a huge tub of another brands but after using a handful I went and bought this tub. 

Mitchum 48 hour  - I've said in previous empties I'm not fussy about roll ons and I'm not loyal to one brand but if you look back at the past few empties posts it's mitchum that I keep buying and I have 2 more of them on the go so I clearly do really like them.

Tesco Pro Formula Satin wild berry shave gel  - Great formula, horrible smell (artificial/ plasticy) it's taken me over a year to finish as I keep using my dad's instead of this. 

Lush Rose Jam Bubbleroon  - I really need to re-evaluate my hatred for the rose scented things as recently I'm loving it. This is so strong and my empties box still smells of it (it's about a week since I took the pictures and threw them out) 

Would I re-purchase yes, I already have. This is fab as it comes in two halves and no mess to split up 

Garnier Micellar water wipes - I do like these a lot and I feel like they do get rid of most of my make up but i'm really starting to dislike the feel of the wipe itself. I don't know what it is about it.

Superdrug Facial Wipes - Nothing special but handy to have and I think they are pretty cheap as well. 

Moroccanoil hair mask -  This came in a beauty box and when I wrote about it I remember thinking this would be a faff as the instructions say to towel dry your hair and leave in for 20 mins or so and I felt like I couldn't be bothered but the smell of this is amazing so I decided to try it and I washed my hair, put this in and left it as long as I could be bothered and it was great but I felt like i needed to use a lot of product and this only lasted about 5/6 applications

Girlz Only Dry Shampoo - Right off the bat I hate the name, I bought it as it was the cheapest one they had for an emergency shampoo situation! This worked ok, I have another one in a different scent and I can never decide which one worked better. I don't think I'll be buying it again but it was aright.

Batiste Blush  - I quite liked this one, did the job and I think Batiste is something I will always repurchase. I can never remember which ones I like best and there are so many I tend to buy what ever is on offer!

Aussie Dry Shampoo - I've seen mixed reviews on this and my own verdict is mixed. Some times it worked great other times, it had no effect. It didn't matter the state of the hair it just seemed to do its own thing. On the great days it was the best thing ever then the next time I wish I hadn't wasted my money. I don't know if i will buy it again

Toni & Guy Glamour hair spray - Love Love Love this, I don't use hair spray often but this has to be one of the best I've used. I'm really sad this is all used up.

Schwarzkopf Colour Mask 400 - I got this as an emergency colour as I was feeling a bit rooty! It worked well. But I feel like it had faded pretty quickly.

My Next empties will be a holidays empties!!! 

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