MayBeauty - The Incredible Face Mask

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

A few weeks ago May Beauty reached out to me to ask if wanted to try their incredible face mask. I've been using face masks a lot over the past few weeks and I've become a little bit fascinated with looking up pore strips on line but I haven't got round to buying as I hate the left over glue feeling you get and I find they don't clean up well on me, so a mask that removed blackheads and other things sounded ideal. 

From the email they send me they say the mask can:

• Prevents acne
• Removes blackheads and whiteheads
• Takes away dead skin cells and impurities
• Makes your skin cleaner, smoother and healthier

They have also give me a 30% discount - Use code stephface30

I've had the masks a few weeks and I've used them twice since I've had them. My skin (Touch wood) has been quite well behaved recently so I didn't feel like I needed to use them weekly. 

Take 1

I like that the mask is one that sets and is peel-able, It reminds me of covering my hands in PVA glue in art class and amusing myself peeling off the glue. This is a lot like that but it actually does something that is good for your skin rather than just for amusement (and it doesn't smell)

MayBeauty Incredible face mask
The pack I got came with a brush which at first I was unsure about as I've always just used my hands to apply a mask but this worked really well. It wasn't messy (It could be so be careful) I held the sachet over the sink and squeezed gently. 

On the back of the back it warns not to put over your eyebrows as it can remove hair. (I tried it on the bits I needed to remove  and it didn't seem to rip any out but I'd still leave your eyebrows out of the equation)
 I painted it on and you have to leave it for about 30 - 45 mins, this was a bit of a downside for me as I was impatient to get to peeling part.

The parts where the mask was thickest took about 35 mins to set at which point I decided I couldn't wait any longer. I'm sure as long as it's set that's enough time.

Finding a peelable part was easy and it came off quite easily, however my face is quite hairy (PCOS) and it was very painful to peel off, in certain areas. I should have realised when it said about being careful near your eyebrows but I had a face full of the mask before I twigged.

I also found round the edge of my face where there were some wispy strands I couldn't get a grip on them and again this is an application note, be neat and its much easier.

I found it to work well on the apples of my cheeks, nose and chin. It acts like a pore strip but you're not left with a sticky glue residue.

Does anyone else like to inspect pore strips? (Just me?) If you do then this is magical if you're not keep just peel and bin, peel and bin.

 The after, my face felt very warm but clean and fresh. Once I'd got the majority of the mask peeled off I decided to rinse my face and the rest of the mask came off with water very easily (I seemed to have missed a spot of my chest!)

It does mention on the website there may be some temporary redness which usually passes in 30 mins and this is exactly what I found.

Take 2

I couldn't see anything on the pack to say how often you should use the mask but there is a note on the website to say the mask can be used once or twice a week, I left mine 2 weeks as I just didn't have chance and my skin seemed to be behaving and then I got a spot on my chin. 
This time I decided to take a different tactic and just apply  to my T-Zone. It's where the worst of my skin is and the least hairy parts of my face.

I also made sure I was a bit neater and tried not to leave any wispy bits where I could help it.

Again I left it about 30 mins and my chin and nose was mostly set and I peeled and I was pleasantly surprised how easy it peeled, it didn't hurt any where near as much and plenty of face daemons were expelled from my face.

I should have left my forehead longer as it wasn't set and I ended up it a sticky mess, quickly resolved with a face wipe but I feel like I missed out on the expulsion of forehead daemons.

After +1day 
I forgot to take a picture after I'd removed the mask, I think my forehead mess up threw me but 24 hours later I'm happy with how my skins look in real life. I have a cluster of 4 spots on my chin and they are all a lot calmer and I'm not aware of them.

I think the last three will be used fortnightly, and it's worth being patient and waiting for the product to set properly.

If I could change anything it would be to reduce the setting time to 30 mins or less.

I really liked the brush application, it reduced the mess and the brush washed out easily with warm water.

I loved the pore strip effect and was really surprised how much came out of my face to say I felt like I was having quite a good skin week. I quite enjoy having a nosey at what comes out (gross I know)

These products where sent to me free of charge for review purpose, as always all views are my own.

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  1. These masks don't sound too bad actually! I used to inspect my pore strips when I used to use them back in the day, haha!


  2. I love peeling face masks, they're the best! I'm always really impatient too.. A good old honey and lemon masks works a treat too for getting rid of black heads x

  3. I was really impressed with them, will be getting some more I think.

    I think everyone inspects their pore strips

  4. I really like the sheet masks as well but I think there is nothing like that satisfaction of peeling off a face mask. x


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