Mini Essence Haul - In Superdrug!!!

Friday, June 12, 2015

I got slightly over excited a couple of weeks ago when I was in Keithley and spotted an Essence stand through the window of Superdrug. 

Essence is a brand I love and while it is easy for me to get hold of in Manchester with the Essence concession in the Arndale and the stand in Wilko's it's nice that I could collect reward points. 

I don't know which branches it's in but I was one happy bunny. I love that Essence changes it's ranges frequently and has little one off collections but I don't feel like the Manchester Concession gets these or too much as they seem to have had the same display for months. 

Superdrug had the Brit-tea range which is a really pretty spring inspired trend edition  

I decided to get a lip balm, nail polish and double ended brush. 

Have a Beau-Tea-Full Day

This is a really pretty mint green colour and I really love this colour. It will go with a lot of the clothes I've bought recently and I just love it. 

I am a little disappointed with this, it has a traditional rounded brush and all the other essence polishes i've had recently have more of a flat brush which I find easier to apply. 

I tried this with a base coat but no top coat and it chipped quite quickly but I'm going to try it again with a top coat and see how I get on

01 Vanilla Ice- T Lip Balm

I haven't used this as yet but the cuteness of the box sold this to me, It would be great to include as a gift for someone, I've  used a few essesnce lip balm sticks before and really liked them so I have high hopes for this one

01 Keep Calm & have some tea 

Another slight disappointment on this one and I haven't used it yet. When I got back home one of the ends had fallen off. This at least means I can stand it up without ruining one end but just worried that the other end will fall off.

It's a very cute range and there are a couple of other things I've got my eye on but after a couple of disappointments I'm not in a rush to grab them, sadly.

I am excited to find and Essence stand on holiday as they always seems to have a lot of the special editions in the Canaries.

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