Weekly Beauty Basket - June 2015 Week 3

Monday, June 15, 2015

I'm still really enjoying mixing up my make up and I've been doing it pretty much every week but I'm still not got into a groove with these posts and I can't seem to get into work out when I should post them. My idea was to switch out my make up fortnightly and post fortnightly but as I've been remembering to switch things out and I've finally decided less is more to carry round and I think that's why I've been happy to switch things out weekly. 


Sad times my Laura Mercier primer has run out and I've gone back to the Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish - I'm not overly struck on this, it's very thick and white. It's almost a moisturiser but not quite. I've only used it a couple of times as the Laura Mercier lasted till mid week but I didn't get a picture for this post. The Laura Mercier is my all time favourite but I can't justify the price of it at the moment. 

I'm not struck on this one but I'm going to perceiver with the rimmel as I did love the fix and perfect primer. 


Maybelline Dream Flawless nude Foundation - I think I got this in natural beige and I'm not convinced it's the right colour for me but it was the closest match. I'm still on the fence with this product. I do like the product but only if I can work quickly as it seems to set really quickly. The applicator is a dropper but I find if I put it on the back of my hand it dries too quickly before I apply it to the face so I tend to wipe the dropper over my face and use a beauty blender. I also like the liquid to powder finish with it as well.

Maybelline Eye Eraser, Nude - This will feature time and again as it's in my use 8 by Bonfire night project I'm doing. I really like this, I find it works well concealing under my eyes and I will buy this again. I do have the lighter version as well but I haven't used it yet but I think the nude is the colour for me.

Collection concealer, 03 Warm Medium -  This is on it's last legs bless it, it's a really great concealer for covering blemishes and I would buy it again.

Essence Stay all day - I've fallen back in love with this, I have so many powders at the moment and I'm not enjoying them but this one is fantastic.


Milani Rose Blush , Tea Rose - This is beautiful, it's quite well pigmented and I feel like i'm a bit heavy handed with it but both times I've used it I've said ooo I like that!

Lip Products

MUA Lip Crayon - I dug this out on the back of my MUA Re-haul and I'm not keen on it. I thin I only wore it once and that was because I was forcing myself to wear it. I think I will be getting rid of this one. That is one of the good things about these re-hauls and beauty baskets, it gets me reaching for different products and getting rid of things that don't work for me.

Natural Collection, Raspberry - This is such a pretty shade but the bullet snapped from the tube after one use! OK it only cost £1.99 (less it one buy one get one half price) but it would have been nice for it not to break. I love the colour, the texture and it stays on me fairly well. I like it so much I've bought myself a new lip brush!  

Jordana, Modern Matte in Tease - I love this so much, it was £3.50 from Beauty crowd and I want every colour. On the first application it feels hard to apply but a second swipe and it goes on a lot smoother. I really like the colour on me but in certain lights it looks different colours but over all I really enjoy wearing it.

Eye Products

MUA Matte Pallet - Another product from my re-haul and I'm not loving it. The pigmentation isn't brilliant. I think I will keep it as I do like some of the shades.

Maybelline Brow Drama - I've talked about this a million times. I really enjoy using this product, I find that it keep my eyebrows in check now that I've got used to the wand. 

HD Brows - I've dug this out from the back of the drawer and I'm liking using this again. there are 3 colours and I always used to use the medium colour but for work I've been using the lightest shade and think it works really well on me. 

Natural Collection, Mink / Sabel - I picked this up when I got the lipstick shown above as I couldn't see anything else I fancied but I do like this as a base and all over shadow. 

Essence, eyeliner - This is is also in my use 8 by bonfire night and I've used this every time I've woen make up and I'm going to be sad when it's used up but it'll be a satisfying feeling to know I've used up a full product. 

W7, brow twister - I'm not a massive fan of this as it's the wrong colour for me. I also find it quite hard. 

Maybelline Mascara, Black/Brown - I like the product but the wand is really odd as it's very flexible and moves a lot. It's new to me so I need more time to get a true evaluation of it. 

Milani Mascra, Black - I have mixed feelings about this. The wand is amazing it has three types of bristles, the formula is very black but I find it flakes on me. 

Benefit - I don't know the real name for this but it's a cream eye shadow and I use it as a base. I really like it and I'm including it in the use 8 by bonfire night. 


Mirror - The flowery round thing! This came in a set at Christmas. It's quite a generous size and I like it

Real Techniques Beauty Blender - I have two of these and I like them but I don't think they are the best. I want to try something else but I don't know what to buy.

QVS Brushes, Powder brush, Eyeshadow brush and Comb - I love these little brushes. They are really compact and I like the quality. I'm taking them on holiday.

Techniques double ended eye brush - This is amazing. I got it from TJ Hughes and it was about £2 One end is quite stubby and is a great crease brush the other end is eye brow / eye liner.

Real Techniques Eyebrow brush - This has to be one of my best brushes. Love it.

The rest - A mix of essence, wilkos and unknow. Nothing special about any of them but I do quite like using them.

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