What's in my hand luggage

Thursday, June 11, 2015

I always try to pack light with my hand luggage but I know by the time I get on the plane I'll be weighed down. 

Either with things I've bought at the ive airport or random crap I've added before I've left home or both.

I haven't  decided which bag I'm using yet but I'm thinking my primark bag for life which will also become beach bag.  Along with a small hang bag.

This post is just covering my essential items.

Passport - I've got a leather passort cover from hotter to represent this as can't trust myself to take it from its safe place.

Kindle - I much prefer real books but as I read a lot on holiday this is a must and it has over 500 books on it (my mum downloaded loads of free ones when it was hers )

Camera - hoping to figure out how to use my new camera properly while I'm away but might pack my point and shoot for nights out

Clear bag- I think this one is too big but I've been using it for years so will try it again

Purse - I love this purse. I got it from berska in tenerife last year. It needs mucking out but it's handy for  holidays

Lip balm - I never wear makeup to travel but like to have a lip balm for on the plane. I want one with spf in but none of mine do. Will pick one up soon.

Mitcham - just to feel refreshed.  I'm a stress head at the airport so will use this a couple of times

Notebook and pen - always a blogger.  I link to jot ideas and almost diaries my holidays

Lip gloss / lipstick - these may well get packed in my case but I do usually keep a couple with me.

Hair bobbles - as a stress head I need my hair up so I keep a few bits with me.

What do you take in your hand luggage?

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