A non update, update

Saturday, July 25, 2015

I'd planned to do another update of the books I've read this year and there are about 7 books I still need to share with you but my list is at home.

Since I came back from holiday on 30th June I haven't read one book. That's almost a whole month and I hadn't missed reading till this week. I don't know what book I'll read next but I think it's going to be one of the two books pictured. 

Marian Keyes - the woman who stole my life
Monica McInerney - Hello from the Galespies.

My mum picked both of these up from the British Heart Foundation charity shop in my local town centre this week.

I can't believe I've gone almost a month without picking up a book.

That will change in August. My aim is to read at least 5 books 6 if I can manage it. I'm going to be plugging the kindle when I get home and put it in my work bag so I know I have something  to read on the bus to work

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