Lanzarote 2015 - A Few OOTD's

Monday, July 06, 2015

While I was away someone tweeted me saying they wanted to see more OOTDs as I'd only posted a couple. 

We didn't have a full length mirror and there wasn't any where to balance my phone so I took some with my old camera as I can set that to take any number of pictures on self timer and pick the best of a bad bunch. 

As you can see I had a few lighting issues and I tried a few spots. I also forgot to take a lot of my outfits and I've included the mirror selfies I took in shops but I had to be quick as I thought the security guard in Zara was going to kick me out!! 

Most of these were taken before I was ready to go out and I did try and do something with my hair (some of the time) before we went out. 

Outfit one 

Top -  H&M £7 XL - It seems to be rarer and rarer to find an XL in H&M any more but when I've been to H&M in the canaries I can almost always find them. Sadly Lanzarote is an Island devoid on H&M (at the moment, one will be opening in Deiland soonish - They have the unit wrapped in H&M Branding but no sign of it being fitted out)

You can't see it in the photo but across the shoulder there is some crochet / lace detail which is really pretty (but a bugger on your shoulders if you then decide to sleep in said t-shirt. Don't do it kids) 

Trousers  - Peacocks £14 Size 20. Jersey Pegleg trousers are a winner for me. I seem to have amassed a grand collection. Justifying them as suitable for work and weekends (they are, justification DONE). I tried really really hard not to buy these as I'd bough some similar (but totally different - Blue paisley print ones from Tesco and a Navy Marl pair from Matalan) but I kept going back to these. 

I'm really glad I got them, they are super comfy, stretchy and have pockets. I was worried the 20's wouldn't fit. I'm struggling to get in some size 22/24 jeans at the moment but the wonders of jersey meant they fitted and they didn't have the white out effect you get when jersey is too tight. 

Outfit Two

Top -  ASOS long line Racer back vest size 22 - I'm back friends with the colour black. After hating for so long me and black are bessies and I keep buying black vest tshirts.

I like this as it's quite long. I happily wore it back from the pool a couple of times without my skirt or shorts and it's long enough to tuck in a blouse out.

Originally I bought it to bump my ASOS order up to free delivery but really liked it and, it might be the most worn item of the whole holiday

Skirt - Tesco (last years sale) Size 22. I found this in my suitcase with the label still on and ready for the charity shop.

I have a love hate relationships with skirts they never sit right on me, they twizz and twist and I don't think I've ever had a straight hem line in my life.

I decided I really liked the skirt it was easy to wear and comfy but a bit of  challenge with the Lanzarote winds!

Shoes - Tesco £25 for 2 pairs (we got them in black as well) These shoes are now RIP. They were really comfy and while the right one pinched me where they cross over at the front of the foot the ease of walking and I happily wore them during the day and in the evenings.

Outfit Three
 Top -  Primark £3 Size 20 - These pictures really don't do this top any justice at all. It's a really bright Cobalt blue. It's slightly A line / Swing shaped and the back panel is all crochet with little flowers (sadly I didn't take a picture of the back) 

Trousers - Asos Size 20 £18  - I've been looking for plain black jersey pegleg trousers for well over 12 months and they either are too tight in the leg, or too harem at the hips. I finally buckled and got these from ASOS. I've had peg leg trousers from ASOS before in Jersey and had to send them back as too big so luckily I remembered to size down and there are ok. 

I'm not totally in love with them and they sad on the knees. (most Jersey trousers do but I feel it's less noticeable / annoying on patterned ones)

Necklace  - BHS £3 (sale), My mum has this in silver as well and as I was incapacitated with my sore hand I thought a long necklace would work well. 

Outfit Four 

Getting more adventurous / brave taking pictures outside

Dress -  H&M Size XL (last year I think it was £7.99) I had about 4 of these dresses last year. They are slightly thicker fabric than you'd expect. It has a cross over back that I really like but I do feel that it's a little bit short for me to wear without leggins (I did last year but maybe Tenerife isn't as windy?)

Leggins -  Yours Size 20 (Last year) - I'm not a fan of Three Quarter length leggins mainly because no matter where I buy them from the legs never stay level and it's almost the reverse of primary school children's knee socks.

Kimono -  Encuentro €12.99 (I think - It was in the sale and I can't find it on the website. They also kept reducing things after we'd bought them) L/ XL 

Encuentro is a shop we love and it's only in Spain and it's a real shame, I think it has things that are a bit different to UK shops and it's reasonably priced and they have amazing sales.

Outfit Five 

Dress - H&M £7.99 XL - My mum bought me this as a present "from her last holiday" She went to a place with no shops (Lie Mango and Zara but obvs they don't fit me)

£7.99 for a dress is mega cheap, it's primark prices as we like to say. I like this so much I bought it in 3 other colours (Cobalt blue, B&W Stripes and Black with a Paisley print)

I wore this without leggins and I find it a much better length for me than last years dresses. It's T-shirt / jersey fabric but not too think and I think I could get away with wearing these for work.

Outfit Six 

Top -  Tesco Size 22 - I have two of these and I want to say this is the pale blue one but I can't tell with the lighting. (PS I'm not stood in the middle of the cactus it's the angle of the camera!)

Trousers -  Tesco Size 22 or 24 (last year) These are the only none jersey trousers I took on holiday. I find with these they are a bit baggy round the belly when I'm walking round but I think if i'd sized down they'd split.

They are really comfy and I love the print.

Outfit Seven 
 Top  -  Encuentro €4.99 XL -  Encuentro had such an amazing sale and the main thing I could fit into was t-shirts I bought a lot. I also got this in Black and my mum (the woman in the backgroud) also got a couple. 

I think officially Encuentro go upto Size EUR 48 which I think is an 18s but the T-shirts are usually quite generous. 

Bag - FatFace (A couple of years ago in the sale) I think we got a couple of these and I hadn't planned to take this back at all but at the last min I decided to use it as hand luggage and I used it every day as my beach bag, bag at night and during the day. 

Shorts -  Yours (Last year Size 26)  Clothes are weird from wearing a size 18s top to Size 26 jean shorts, To be fair these are far too big for me and I got these in the sale last year and it was the only pair they had and I loved the length and the colour of them. I just wish they'd had them in a size 24 so I could wear them without a belt. 

Outfit Eight

Top - Next Size 22 £11.10 (Duty free price) - This was an airport purchase and I really like how soft it is but the only thing that gets me is the blue stripe has pale flecks on it and I kept thinking I'd split things down me (I'm a spiller what can I say)

Shorts  -  I'm not 100% sure which pair these are as I have two pairs very similar they are either 
Sainsburys Size 22 £10 (+25% off sale) Black jersey which is almost a black marl if that makes any sense and have pockets
ASDA £6 Plain black thin jersey, no pockets 

I really like both pairs the Sainsbury's one trump the ASDA ones for the addition of pockets but based on full prices the ASDA ones are a bargain.

What I really like about both pairs are they are more culotte style than standard straight shorts

Shoes - BHS (Mum bought but I know they had 30% off summer stuff do I think they were £11.60 ish) 

I wasn't sure about these at first as they are rubbery but the insole is more like a real shoe. They are really comfy. I'm really into these wide cross over shoes

I'm really sad I didn't get more pictures and as you can imagine this is only about a third of the clothes that I wore.

I do want to get back into doing more fashion and OOTD's I just need to find a good place to get pictures and remember to take them!

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  1. I love those peg leg trousers, I have some back and white ones and I want so many more!


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