Manchester airport haul

Thursday, July 09, 2015

I'm really sorry for still putting up holiday type posts but my plan of blogging on holiday didn't work out as the wifi wasn't stable enough and my tablet wouldn't connect at all so I only had my phone. 

I love being at the airport early and having enough time to browse the shops as well as getting a brew and then buying some things I don't need but really want as holiday money isn't real money.


Blue striped top -  This is one of the softest things I've ever felt and it's super comfy. I think this cost about £11 (tax free at the airport). The only thing that bugs me is their is a fleck on the blue stripe (I can't remember if it's also on the white as well) and I keep thinking I've spilt or I've crumbs down me. 

Necklace - I love that this is on a really long chain, it reminds of something out of the Da Vinci Code or the Masons. I think it's all the triangles. 


Notebook - Another book that is too pretty to use! Does anyone else do this? My plan was to record blog Ideas while I was away but it couldn't write till the second week and my ability to hold a pen for longer than 5 mins is still here, so it's still blank. 

Card - They almost wouldn't sell this too me as they were due to reduce them to 15p but as I pointed out to them i'd rather pay 15p and make my flight than wait 30mins for the tills to update and have to pay £200 for a replacement flight!

When I went to Cheshire Oaks a few weeks (months) ago I got my parents initials and my plan is to frame them and put them on my wall.

It's a bit of a mishmash of things and we did lots of shopping while we were away so keep you eye out for my holiday clothing / accessories haul as soon as I take the pictures

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  1. That Paperchase notebook is really pretty! :)


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