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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Date 25th June 2015
Theme: Short(s)

Our next theme is Short(s), feel free to use your imagination for this one and I can't wait to see what you all come up with. 

I actually quite like wearing shorts but the thought of them and actually buying them can be a bit of a nightmare. 

Denim shorts can be great but they have to be thin, stretchy and I like them to be dark wash. Fabric shorts with no stretch I don't even attempt. I know I won't feel comfortable in them. Plus I don't iron so if they look like they will require ironing they're not for me. 

Sorry for the recycled pictures as I used them in my Holiday OOTD post but they are a good representation of the shorts I like and do wear when ever I get the chance. 

The ones above are from either Sainsburys or ASDA. I have two pairs that look almost Identical the Sainburys ones have almost a marl effect and pockets and the ASDA ones are slightly thinner, solid black colour and don't have pockets. They are both culotte style and are a nice length for me.  

Denim Shorts for me are a summer staple but I find it really hard to get them the right length and be stretchy enough and thin enough not to over heat it. These came from Yours last year and they are a size 26 and are far too big but they were in the sale and it's the only pair they had. I think these are a couple on inches too long but when I've tried to roll them up another time they didn't look great. 

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